5 Fandom Friday: Just Watch “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”

SILENCE!  There is no other Halloween episode, as far as I am concerned.  It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is not only essential viewing for Halloween, it is the greatest Halloween special ever created.  Wanna fight me, bro?  Okay, let’s go: 1.  Linus just loves Halloween so much  to the[…]


Loathe as I am to even grant this video more views than it already has, I watched it yesterday through my fingers, with all the lights on, covering my mouth in advance of the vomit I felt rising in my throat.  It’s less than six minutes long, but it’s the[…]

My Haunted House

I’ve shared some info here about my Greenpoint apartment, but did you know it’s haunted??? YES!  By which I mean the previous tenants left some pretty wild stuff behind.  Like the painted skull head on the glass cabinet door.  Really, who does that, even?  How long has it even been there? […]

What Are You Afraid Of???

Irrational fears:  everyone’s got ’em.  When I give ghost tours, I talk about hauntings and serial killers and people love it but heaven forbid a rat runs by, and they lose their shit!!!  Rats are just squirrels with bad haircuts!  Rats are a totally irrational fear – leave them alone,[…]

Graveyard of Dead Blogger Cliches

Hang around the blogging community long enough and you will become familiar with its clichรฉs.  Like, remember that year we were all obsessed with chevron?  EVERYTHING had to be chevron – blog banners, blog backgrounds, EXPECIALLY blog buttons!  Why, you just weren’t a serious blogger if you sported plain horizontal[…]

Winter Is Coming!

So I’m looking at that exclamation point thinking, “maybe that looks just a little too happy.”  But this picture pretty much communicates how I truly feel about this weather lately.  I want to point out that this picture was taken in the doorway of my building on Thursday, and I[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Want To Dress Up As For Halloween

Comic Con has come and gone, and Halloween is near!  Here are the costumes I would be wearing on Halloween *if* I didn’t have to work that night and *if* I had the energy and funds to pull them off! 1.  Data, Star Trek: The Next Generation  oh, of course[…]

Let’s Talk About Periods, Okay?

Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone is abuzz talking about horror movies, so why not talk about my favourite horror of all time? Yes, I just equated periods to horror movies.  They are kind of the same, aren’t they?  You like the idea of them, but still get[…]

Five Clothing Items to Survive Winter in NYC

I always say, it’s summer in New York until THE SECOND it becomes winter and then it’s winter until THE SECOND it becomes summer.  When did winter happen, you ask?  Winter happened overnight on October 1st.  Which is cool!  I can appreciate you, winter, for being organized and arriving on[…]


A post-it note.  A cork.  An empty perfume bottle. Why do I feel the need to keep things?  Do I keep things just for the sake of keeping things? The trend lately is on simplifying.  Cleaning out, decluttering, weeding through your personal items to claim only the most necessary to[…]

Guilty Pleasure Wedding Reality Show

VO:  This week on Guilty Pleasure Wedding Show, a natural blonde in her early-mid-twenties plans the wedding of her dreams to her 5%-less-attractive-than-her-but-inexplicably-wealthy-despite-working-for-his-father fiancee.  We’ll watch as they drama unfolds while she attempts to live out a princess fantasy for some reason and he counters her at every turn by[…]

VLOG!!! “What’s Wrong With Telling Women To Smile?”

I will never stop being amazed at people who don’t understand why it’s not okay to tell women to smile.  So, I decided to take it to the video, and break it down for you!  And them!  And the world!  Ooooooh-kay, so you’re probably asking yourself, “What IS wrong with[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Halloween Traditions

Traditions are very important.  Halloween is my favourite holiday.  Therefore, TAKE NOTE:  Halloween traditions are THE MOST IMPORTANT. 1.  Mellocreme Pumpkins  It’s not really Halloween until my first Mellocreme Pumpkin!  Confession:  I bought a bag of these beauties in Reno, literally just hours after leaving Burning Man.  Saw them in[…]

Had A Dream About You, Baby

Yeah, this post steals it’s title from a Bob Dylan song, but no, it’s not about Bob Dylan, but it is about something that makes my skin crawl. The other night I had a dream that I had a baby. Don’t worry, I’m not about to describe some horrible gory[…]


So, I posted here that a couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to perform as “background” on a pilot that was shooting in NYC!  Here’s what I learned: CONGRATULATIONS!  You’ve been cast as WOMAN AT BAR in the exciting pilot production of UNTITLED PILOT TBA !!!  You’ve got a[…]

My Turn-Ons Include…

So the BIG NEWS this week is that Playboy won’t be printing images of naked women in their magazine anymore!!  I’ll give you a minute to digest that news (and to read the article behind the link) because I know that it is JUST SO SHOCKING you’ll need a second. […]

Subway Report Card

Every year, the NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign evaluate every line of the NYC Subway according to their criteria and rank it from BEST to WORST, publishing a “Subway Report Card” to help us know which lines to avoid.  How do they determine which subways are up to snuff and which can[…]

How to Ruin Comic Con

So many helpful articles on the Internet already exist to tell you how to SURVIVE a comic convention, how to GET THE MOST OUT OF a comic convention, blah blah blah.  I was going to write that article but damn, it’s already been done did-ed already!  So instead, in the[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Hey Teacher…

This topic is near and dear to my heart, since I worked in a school for a year and definitely had delusions of wanting to be a teacher (!!!) for a while, and though that didn’t really pan out, I do have massive respect for these fictional teachers for actually[…]

Me? Unfriendly?

I did something I never thought I’d do the other day.  Something I always said I’d never do*.  For the first time, I unfriended someone on Facebook because I was offended. *Let me be clear:  this is not the first time I’ve unfriended someone on Facebook, and I’m not against[…]