5 Fandom Friday: Halloween Traditions

Traditions are very important.  Halloween is my favourite holiday.  Therefore, TAKE NOTE:  Halloween traditions are THE MOST IMPORTANT.

Mellocreme Pumpkins
  It’s not really Halloween until my first
Mellocreme Pumpkin!  Confession:  I bought a bag of these beauties in
Reno, literally just hours after leaving Burning Man.  Saw them in a store in early September, just couldn’t help myself!  Definitely ate them all on the plane ride home, and by that I mean my boyfriend very much helped me eat them on the plane ride home!!

2.  It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! 
This is totally a given.  I make no secret about the fact that I love Charlie Brown (and Snoopy, and Linus, and Sally) and all three of the Charlie Brown holiday specials are REQUIRED VIEWING.  This is the first one of the season, so I’m holding it EXTRA important.

3.  Halloween Ghost Tour  So by now we all know that I give ghost tours for a living and I’ve also probably mentioned that I’m really great at it so you would assume that Halloween is like the biggest night of the year for me…AND IT IS!!!  Halloween night, the Ghost Tour game is like, Prom and Christmas all rolled into one!  I’m getting excited just typing about it!  In the past, my boss and I have a HUGE GROUP for that night and we hand out little candy treats and glow-stick necklaces and it’s extra special and fun!

4.  Fun-Size Candy  Living in New York these past seven years means it’s been a while since I’ve had trick-or-treaters in my life.  So it would follow, then, that I have no more reason to buy fun-sized candy bars?  WRONG.  Halloween is about three things:  ghosts, CANDY, and costumes.  To deny myself the candy aspect would be sacrilege to the very concept of Halloween!  Personal faves:  Mounds & Almond Joy, Hershey’s classic, Reese’s, and Peppermint Patties!  I’m probably going to have to buy some candy for November 1st…

5.  Dressing Up!  I have kind of dropped the ball on this in past years out of laziness.  It’s hard to dress up when you’re working and it’s freezing out!  I did pull out the red velvet gown for the tour last year – and was totally freezing!  Whoops!  This year, I’ll be sure to dress up smarter – or at least WARMER!

Yeah, the dress is pretty…
…pretty FREEZING that is!

14 responses to “5 Fandom Friday: Halloween Traditions”

    • Best $16 ever spent at a charity shop! I'm actually quite talented at finding gowns that look brilliant on me for less than $20 second-hand. I don't know if I'd go so far as to call it a "super power"…

    • I love the dress because it feels nice on! It's velvet and amazing, though you can't really tell from the picture. Also, I'm wearing warm leggings and sneakers underneath. I can only be expected to glam up so far… !

    • By all account, they shouldn't be THAT tasty, but they ARE!

      Speaking of – the "Autumn Mix" with those brown leaves that taste like Maple-Flavoured Crayons??? Mmmmm…..

  1. Mellocreme pumpkins and candy corn (my two FAVES, haters to the left) are just Not A Thing here in Sweden. I either have to have someone mail me a package from home or pay a premium at the American candy store. :C

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