5 Fandom Friday: Hey Teacher…

This topic is near and dear to my heart, since I worked in a school for a year and definitely had delusions of wanting to be a teacher (!!!) for a while, and though that didn’t really pan out, I do have massive respect for these fictional teachers for actually doing it!

1.  Miss Mason, Grease 2  with her unstructured updo, tight dresses and chiffon scarf knotted at the neck, she is the epitome of the sexy teacher!  Soft-spoken as Marilyn Monroe and just as blonde, Miss Mason is the sexy teacher we all secretly wish we could be as cool as her!

2.  Edna Krabapple, The Simpsons  don’t we always feel a little bit sorry for her?  If Miss Mason is the dream, Mrs. Krabapple is the reality. 

3.  Giles, Buffy the Vampire Slayer  is sort of a teacher?  He works in a school?  And he teaches Buffy how to be a slayer?  Okay, it counts.  ‘Specially cuz he really gets what it means to be a teacher… DRINKING TO AVOID YOUR REALITY.

4.  George M. Helmholtz, “The Kid Nobody Could Handle” by Kurt Vonnegut  okay, this one brings tears to my eyes.  I actually taught this story to my students…who probably didn’t appreciate it.  Whatever.  This story ought to make you cry, too, especially if you listen to “Stars and Stripes Forever” after reading it.  Or during.  Basically, the world of Helmholtz (and Jim Donnini) will shake you to the core and leave you changed.  I hope.  That’s why I looked up to Helmholtz as I tried to reach my students and inspire them….  *sigh*

5.  “When I Kissed the Teacher” by ABBA  gotta leave you on an “up” note, so here’s the peppy first track off ABBA’s Arrival.  Vacillating between adorable and…statutory, this song takes me back to that time I had a crush on my teacher, and then immediately decided having a crush on one’s teacher is gross.  My love for this song, however, has never wavered, unlike my fickle desires for that one college professor (HA HA JUST KIDDING) (not kidding).  Enjoy!  And then feel icky immediately afterwards!:


10 responses to “5 Fandom Friday: Hey Teacher…”

  1. Nice! I haven't thought about Helmholtz in a while, but he's an awesome choice! I used to have delusions of being a teacher too…but I would only want to teach high school AP English soooo I don't think I have much of a shot:P

    1. Me too, me too, me too! I really wanted to teach high school English, so last year I took a job tutoring 6th graders…I actually taught them that story, too! They weren't a bad bunch overall…but the school had some serious problems…needless to say it didn't work out but I have nothing but respect for people who can do it!

  2. Love Giles! Great list really unique too!!
    xx mal @ badwolfbrunch.com

    1. Thanks! I was worried I wouldn't be able to come up with ANY for this prompt, but lo and behold! I didn't even get INTO Harry Potter! Sheesh!!

  3. Giles is on my list as well – love him!

    1. Giles has been on many of my lists, multiple times! He's AMAZING. I even loved Repo: The Genetic Opera with PARIS HILTON because Giles was in it (also, I cried way hard at the end).

  4. Wow, unique list!! Love your take. Also, I love ABBA, so the last one was a present for me 😉

    1. I've loved ABBA since I was like two years old – seriously! There was a "Take A Chance On Me" thing on Sesame Street with Muppets and I loved it!! I was way too into the 70's in middle school…

  5. Time to go check out that Vonnegut story…

    1. Yes yes yes and while you're at it, the rest of the short stories in his collection Welcome to the Monkey House! But this is a personal favourite – I cry like every time I read it.

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