My Haunted House

I’ve shared some info here about my Greenpoint apartment, but did you know it’s haunted???

YES!  By which I mean the previous tenants left some pretty wild stuff behind.  Like the painted skull head on the glass cabinet door.  Really, who does that, even?  How long has it even been there? 

WOAH!  Open what?  Skulls?  Okay, so this bottle opener isn’t particularly creepy in theory, but after photographing it up close, it has a rusted horror movie vibe to it.

Okay, so not all of the “ghosts of tenants past” are that creepy.  Take this sticker of a butternut squash on the side of the freezer door:

Mmm, yeah, you’re right.  Still kind of creepy.  Or, how about this maneki-neko sake set?

Oh.  All those eyes.  All those staring, kitty eyes with raised paws ready to slash your eyes out to add to their collection!  THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED!  HAUNTED, I TELL YOU!!!

Cod help us.


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