5 Fandom Friday: Other People’s Puppies

Rules were made to be broken, nerds!  Since I missed last week because I was, you know, up at a cabin in the middle of nowhere, turning 31, I decided to backtrack this week and cover last week’s topic.  And do it a little differently.  Basically, today I’m going to[…]

Easter Vacation Recap

“Nothing in moderation” is my motto.  So when I had the chance to head upstate for Easter, I made sure to visit four towns in three days.  You’ve already seen my Owego and Corning, NY photos!  The majority of the trip was spent in the ‘burbs of Buffalo, NY, visiting[…]

Just the Facts

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these memes and I picked this one up from an old classmate of mine from back before the turn of the century… Crazy Tragic Sometimes Magic Michael went to high school with me!  Isn’t it strange how paths cross again later[…]

#tbt Glasses

Right now you’re probably asking, “Why is that dog wearing glasses?” Well, he needs them to read. Charlie had always worn glasses.  Touche, bitches. A year ago tomorrow, Charlie passed away at home.He was the smartest, best dog – best friend – one could ask for.  If a dog could[…]

New Year's Meme by Sunday Stealing!

The New Year’s Eve Meme from Sunday Stealing! In 2014, I gained:  a new job, a new friend, and a hot boyfriend. Hi! I lost:  my first pet, Charlie. I stopped:  working in retail – “and that has made all the difference.”  I never realized how shitty I was being[…]

Currently…in August 2014

FEELING:  Stoked, excited, and sooooo happy!  My big vacation was a lot of fun, I’m glad to have gotten away, but I’m also so happy to get back!  My life lately is so surreal and wonderful. WATCHING: I’m falling behind on Sailor Moon because I’m just a bit too busy[…]

Throwback Thursday – Ashton and Me

Facebook kind of sucks for a lot of reasons.  It creates unnecessary drama, shows a side of people you’d rather not see, blah blah blah.  But what it’s really good for is storing photos!  And without further ado, here are some choice shots of my puppy love and me: Those[…]

Charles the Great

This Valentine’s Day, Cupid brought us a little heartbreak. Our sweet family pet of almost fifteen years, Charlie, passed away peacefully at home. From Christmas – he hated having his photo taken.  You have to catch him asleep! Our family just became a little smaller and a lot sadder.  There[…]

December 2013 Photo-A-Day: Week Four

DAY 22.  SPRAKLY – up close of my candle holder DAY 23.  TRADITION – bus selfie.  So ready to be done with the day. DAY 24.  WRAPPED – I did mine up on gold, SEE??? DAY 25.  THE BEST BIT OF MY DAY – new carpet is pretty awesome! DAY[…]


Our beloved family pet of fifteen, no, twenty, no, maybe forty?  years, Charlie a.k.a. Snooty Nose nee Master Charlemagne McTavish is in very poor health.  So we’re all very upset because we all love Charlie.  Everyone loves Charlie!  You love Charlie!  You just didn’t know it yet. Charlie is, without[…]

Chain Mail

I love questionnaires! I found this one courtesy, once again, of Angie from Lariats and Lavender, which is a blog I’ve been a fan of for a long time!, who found it from Kyla at Kyla is Inspired, which is a blog I just discovered and is really lovely!!! 1. […]

Blogtember #11: Love Actually IS Possible

Halloween 2004 The night before was a huge party in the apartment I shared with two friends who I met at community college.  Decorations still everywhere – orange and black and fake spiderwebs camouflaging the real spiderwebs.  When does a busy college student have time to dust cobwebs? The next[…]


Are you guys ready to be shocked by something horrible? I found this old photo when I went back home to visit last month: Holy crap, who is that? Yup, it’s me.  Me and Charlie, partying like it’s 1999. I think that photograph actually was taken in 1999! Old Charlie[…]

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

1. Candles 2. Walking 3. Adrenaline 4. Coffee 5. Ugly dogs 6. Putting makeup on in the morning 7. Scrubbing my makeup off at night 8. Falling asleep to music 9. Singing along 10. New York City

Very Superstitious

My ghost-tourists often ask me, “Do you believe in ghosts?”  I don’t like to answer because I encourage them to keep an open mind but I will admit to being fairly superstitious.  Is it even possible to be superstitious and an atheist at the same time?  Please keep an open[…]

One in a Million

On any given day, there are literally millions of people walking the streets of New York City at any given time. Probably hundreds of them are walking Pomeranians. Waiting at the light to cross Madison at 59th Street just a little past 5:00pm, I spotted one such Pomeranian.  On this[…]

Vacation Recap: Duds the Stud

In the middle of my life falling apart, I went up to Buffalo to visit my family, as I do every year. I expected to be miserable – wallowing in sadness and loneliness the whole time. And then I met someone. My aunt was pet-sitting for the neighbor’s dog and[…]

Addicted to Pugs

Man, today was ROUGH!  I woke up with a headache, fever, the WORKS!  I’m not entirely up to speed, but one thing that always makes me feel better and indeed, is helping turn about a swift recovery, is PUGS. Source: Uploaded by user via Meghan-Sara on Pinterest I consider the[…]