December 2013 Photo-A-Day: Week Four

DAY 22.  SPRAKLY – up close of my candle holder

DAY 23.  TRADITION – bus selfie.  So ready to be done with the day.

DAY 24.  WRAPPED – I did mine up on gold, SEE???

DAY 25.  THE BEST BIT OF MY DAY – new carpet is pretty awesome!

DAY 26.  WHERE I SLEPT – for about 13.5 hours, no less!

DAY 27.  WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW – playing Mexican Train dominoes with my mom and dad (and getting totally hustled by my dad, who’d “never played before” ahem yeah right)

DAY 28.  SOMETHING AWESOME – getting to say one last goodbye to this guy.  It’s been a scary month and it’s still overwhelming but at least there was one last holiday.

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