Throwback Thursday – Ashton and Me

Facebook kind of sucks for a lot of reasons.  It creates unnecessary drama, shows a side of people you’d rather not see, blah blah blah.  But what it’s really good for is storing photos!  And without further ado, here are some choice shots of my puppy love and me:

Those crazy, pink-haired college days!

I can tell you exactly what was happening here:  I’m on the couch after a day of work at the consignment shop Fabulous Finds (Rano Blvd Holla!) reading a Terrence McNally play I’ve checked out from the Broome County Public Library and SOMEONE has decided to interrupt me!

That grainy, terrible picture quality must mean that this was taken with my webcam!  No doubt someone has popped up to give me Farmville tips!

Farmville – remember that addictive shit?  So maybe Facebook isn’t all bad, after all!


One response to “Throwback Thursday – Ashton and Me”

  1. Some people really do go overboard on Facebook! But then there are the more positive elements like this. I laugh each time I look back and see my own 'crazy pink hair college days!"


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