One in a Million

On any given day, there are literally millions of people walking the streets of New York City at any given time.

Probably hundreds of them are walking Pomeranians.

Waiting at the light to cross Madison at 59th Street just a little past 5:00pm, I spotted one such Pomeranian.  On this given day, I felt a yen to pet him.  Making silent eye contact with his owner, I gestured to the pup, who permitted me to pet him.

Then, his owner, a well-dressed lady, began speaking to me.  I pulled my earbud out of my right ear and asked her to repeat herself.

“Aren’t you the girl who does the ghost tours?”

I had been recognized.

“I remembered your sweet face, but I’m sorry I can’t remember your name!”

I reintroduced myself and she told me what a wonderful time she’d had on my tour, and that she planned to come and visit again.

The odds of running into someone you know on the streets of New York City on any given day can sometimes feel like one in a million.  But when it happens, you can sometimes feel like…one in a million.


One response to “One in a Million”

  1. it's amazing how often New Yorkers do run into people they know though. This is awesome you got recognized- definitely bumps up your celeb status 🙂
    Love the picture, there is nothing quite like spotting the Chrysler Building- I've lived here almost 5 years and I still love seeing it between buildings on the skyline

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