Currently…in August 2014

Stoked, excited, and sooooo happy!  My big vacation was a lot of fun, I’m glad to have gotten away, but I’m also so happy to get back!  My life lately is so surreal and wonderful.

WATCHING: I’m falling behind on Sailor Moon because I’m just a bit too busy for TV these days!

My main Pandora stations lately are Motown and my own personal Broadway favourites!  I usually start listening to Broadway showtunes around my birthday every year – the heart wants what the heart wants, and who am I to argue???

READING:  I’m almost finished now with Time Enough for Love and have a couple more Heinlein books waiting in the wings – The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, Friday, and Have Space Suit, Will Travel.  Heinlein hasn’t stopped amazing me yet – for better or worse!!!

WORKING ON:  Altering and maintaining my clothes (mending and adding pickups to skirts, etc) and re-decorating my room after I had to take it completely (COMPLETELY) apart! 

THINKING ABOUT:  What to do next.

EATING:  SO much ice cream, sangria, and coffee – I kind of do it up in style around my birthday before work gets hectic in August through October!

LOOKING FORWARD TO:  Halloween.  After MY BIRTHDAY, Halloween is the next big event.  I haven’t picked a costume yet, though I have LOADS of ideas!

MAKING ME HAPPY:  Random encounters with snakes, falcons, and accordions!  Getting to see my puppy, all the birthday shout-outs and well-wishes, and all the coffee and ice cream doesn’t hurt either!

Photobombed by a rat terrier.


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