Vacation Recap: Duds the Stud

In the middle of my life falling apart, I went up to Buffalo to visit my family, as I do every year.
I expected to be miserable – wallowing in sadness and loneliness the whole time.
And then I met someone.

My aunt was pet-sitting for the neighbor’s dog and guess what.  He is a pug.  His name is Dudley.
I spent one whole day photographing him and taunting him to make his head tilt.
And petting his soft, soft softiness.

And, in less proud moments, threatening to uncurl his tail.

I didn’t mean it though.
I just liked seeing his reaction.

Here is something about Dudley.

At first, he’s very shy.

When I first saw him, I thought we’d be instant friends.

It was not so!

At first he was afraid of me.

Perhaps I came on too strong.

But soon, we became good buddies.

I loved his tilty head and his buggy pug eyes.

And his funny ways.

If you stood too long at the sink ignoring him, he’d stand on the back of the couch in the sun room to peer through the window and spy on you!

Did I mention his tilty, tilty head?

And I helped teach him how to shake!

Did I mention buggy eyes?!?

As you can see, in only a day, he won me over.

But not everyone was as impressed….

Sorry, Dudley.


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  1. How can you be lonely when you can always have me in your pocket?!? Text me!!!

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