Very Superstitious

My ghost-tourists often ask me, “Do you believe in ghosts?”  I don’t like to answer because I encourage them to keep an open mind but I will admit to being fairly superstitious.  Is it even possible to be superstitious and an atheist at the same time?  Please keep an open mind for me.

MONEY     I think many people have this one.  It’s pretty straightforward.  If I find money on the ground – from a penny up to $20 – I consider it a harbinger of good luck to come.

HOROSCOPES     Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved to read my horoscope.  I don’t get super into it (cough, anymore) but if it’s around, I’ll read it and in spite of myself, gasp and say “Oh that’s so true!” 

FORTUNE COOKIES     This one goes with the horoscopes.  Something about the general vagueness of fortune cookies makes them relate-able and universally true.  I save some of my favourite fortunes and even plan to display them in my room.  And besides, if you can’t trust a cookie, who can  you trust?

NEW YEAR’S DAY     My mom taught me this one:  Whatever you do on New Year’s Day is what you’ll do all year ’round.  I’m so glad I didn’t have to work this year on New Year’s Day.  Instead, I tidied up the apartment, took a candlelit bath, ran a few errands, wrote a lot for my blog, and went on a random adventure with friends.  If the superstition is true, then in 2013 I will be prolific in my blogging (so far, so good), take care of myself, keep a neat apartment, and have a lot of fun.

PUGS     I don’t even know how this one got started, but for some reason, whenever I see a pug walking down the street, I consider it a sign of good luck.  Like the opposite of the cat superstition:  they say if a black cat crosses your path, you will soon have bad luck.  But if a fawn pug crosses your path, it’s a sign of good luck to come!  Maybe?  So I think.  It’s also possible that seeing a cute pug (or two…in sweaters…!) just puts me in a better mood and I create my own good luck. 

But isn’t that really what superstitions are?  Mind over matter?  Alright, I’ve let you into my weird, superstitious mind.  Leave me a comment with something weird that you’re superstitious about.

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  1. like your letter to a blogger a few posts in future to this one, i have discovered your blog and am back reading.. just had to leave a comment to this post. i try not to be superstitious, but i can be kind of ocd about some stuff like picking the right door to go into the mall, etc. i try not to give into it though. but i have a thing about canada geese. i didn't see them growing up in so cal, but upon moving to va, i see them all the time and i just love them. i think to combat any bad luck out there, i've kind of turned goose sightings into good luck. (and you see them all the time here, so, goody for me.) if it's flying, that's better luck. the more there are, that's even better luck. and the best luck of all is if they fly directly over you. unless you are walking and it shits on you. but i'd still probably say, "oh, thank you for your luck shit, mr. goose" because no way in hell am i going to gain any bad luck from my own superstitious invention.

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