2017 Favorites

  Don’t get me wrong: the *second* the clock hits midnight, I’m erasing 2017 from my memory. It’s GONE. I’m going to repress and re-repress and re-re-repress until 2017 becomes The Year That Never Happened. Like 2012! I’m always forgetting 2012, and with good reason! It blew. It totally blew. And that’s where I[…]

So I Got My Period At Burning Man

photo by Nina Hazen   I finally caught the bullet that I dodged last year.   Last year, I was scheduled to get my period at Burning Man, but if you’ll recall (because I know you are so into my menstrual cycle), it came early and was the cherry on top of[…]

Currently… in September 2017

  FEELING:  I’m not “over” Burning Man, yet. That was probably the most intense three weeks of my life, and I was so busy and alive during that time! One minute, you’re a bad-ass amazing survivalist, vital and thriving, pushing yourself past your limits and defying nature to have an[…]

Things I Learned at Burning Man 2017

  The opposite of “Fragile Masculinity” is probably “Secure Masculinity,” as in a cishet man who can enjoy yoga and facials and pumpkin spice latte’s without having to proclaim “NO HOMO!” But what is “Fragile Femininity,” i.e. a woman who feels compelled to protest that she is “Not Like Other[…]

GOOD NEWS! Burning Man is nigh!!!

You guys, I am literally in Reno right now. Yesterday my bf and I ran ALMOST ALL of our errands, and today we have a relaxed fun day planned of vintage shopping, In & Out, and Wal-Mart. I’m also hoping for a manicure but I won’t press my luck. I[…]

All The Makeup You Need To Survive Burning Man

Okay, Let’s Be Honest: makeup really isn’t necessary at Burning Man. I just… I really like it! The best part of my morning (besides my super-regular 6:45am morning poop #humblebrag) is deciding what makeup to wear that day. What colors, what theme, what “look” I’m going to go for. Why should I[…]

We NEED To Have A Potty Talk

  Hi, strangers. We need to have a talk about potty training. Not for kids… for adults. For YOU.     I would say, seven times out of ten, I walk into a Manhattan public restroom and find piss everywhere. More than just a few sprinkled. More than the errant drip. Much[…]

the best GOOD NEWS of the year, roundup

Awwwww you guuuyyys it’s my last weekly Good News roundup of 2016! You know, in years past, I would have felt a twinge of nostalgia saying “Last X of 20XX,” but I really don’t feel anything. TIME IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT, like virginity and breakfast. And besides, I doubt anyone’s going[…]

When I’m Scared, I Tell Myself…

Moments of bravery:  we all have them.  Do you, like me, use your personal moments of bravery in times of struggle?  In a previous post, I mentioned how much I challenged myself in 2015 and the confidence those moments of challenge gave me when faced with mundane, everyday moments of[…]

Rainy Sunday Morning Update

First off, thanks for all your kind comments, tweets, and (mom) concerned texts about my cold – can’t say I’m 100% yet, but I feel like I’m sloooooowly getting better! Aside from work and doctor’s visits, I’ve been laying pretty low at home, but I had my first social venture[…]

5 Things I Learned in 2015

I went through so many changes in 2015 that I had a hard time narrowing down just five things I learned.  Instead of joking (whaaaa?! me, not joking?) about silly things like “I learned how to pencil in my eyebrows,” I took the high road by listing the serious lessons[…]

2015 in Review: Third Quarter

  JULY Living With Roommates vs. A SigOth (7/9/15): “When you live with a roommate, you are a constant thorn in their side.  Your dishes.  Your dirty tennis shoes.  Your noisy breathing!  To your roommate, you are a necessary evil they literally must  live with because they can’t afford the[…]

How I Got My Halloween Costume For Free

Pre-tour selfie on Halloween Eve!  Look at that grin! It’s been a week since Halloween and I just don’t know how to go on.  Really.  Halloween is the highlight of my year:  being a tour guide for Ghosts, Murders and Mayhem Walking Tours (best job EVAR) means that Halloween is[…]

Immobile Bar

The group I camped with at Burning Man has – get ready – a mobile bar!!  Yeah, it’s a small bar, on wheels, that can roll up to parties and supplement the existing bar with more drinks.  Don’t you know that Burning Man is basically a week-long 24/7 open bar[…]

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dust Storms

Dust storms at Burning Man.  Apparently, this year was rife with ’em.  Pesky, unscheduled, seemingly never-ending dust storms.  Don’t we look thrilled.  I alluded to some dust storms in the previous posts COCONUT + RUM + POLAROID and Tutu Tuesday, but those were minor, rapidly dissipating storms.  No, the one[…]

Tutu Tuesday

Don’t look so shocked, darling!  Why, EVERYONE knows that Tuesday at Burning Man is TUTU TUESDAY!  Don’t know how it started, don’t know why, don’t care.  Just know that I stuffed a massive tulle skirt into my suitcase strapped down with rubber bands, puffed it out, and pranced around the[…]


Following a wretched dust storm (that was actually only the beginning – eye of the storm, perhaps?), walking home from an open conference on technology and the future in a canvas tent, a table of drunk, rowdy millenials sat behind a table boasting a cardboard sign crudely etched  “COCONUT +[…]