Tutu Tuesday

Don’t look so shocked, darling!  Why, EVERYONE knows that Tuesday at Burning Man is TUTU TUESDAY!  Don’t know how it started, don’t know why, don’t care.  Just know that I stuffed a massive tulle skirt into my suitcase strapped down with rubber bands, puffed it out, and pranced around the playa all day on Tutu Tuesday!  Here are some of the best pictures from that day:

Are we on board with Tutu Tuesday now??  Okay, let’s go exploring the Playa!

Woah!  Look at this big scary fish!  I mean, Look at the fact that he is NOT wearing a tutu!  Scary!

It’s not like tutus grow on trees, you know!  Except at Burning Man, tutus definitely do grow on trees.  Luckily for this guy, a spaceman on a bike happened to grab an extra tutu off the tutu tree, and gifted it to my dearest.  Don’t question it!  That really happened!

Wow, look at this big gorgeous building!  The outside of which is so pretty!  I bet the inside can’t be nearly as amazing!…

Well…. shit.  The inside is even more amazing.  Let me stop to rest, my tutu is tu-tired.

Crap!  A dust storm!  I’ll just park my tutu over here and wait until this thing passes…or an art car drives by and offers me a ride…

Thanks, art car!  It was so sweet of you to offer me and my tutu a ride out of that dust storm!  Let’s head back home, shake the dust out of our tulle, and get some lunch!  Maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll do flips with an Italian man on a trampoline on the way and a lovely couple from Oregon will give us fruit cups straight from their RV fridge a block away from camp!*

* all of this actually happened

So, was Tutu Tuesday worth it?


4 responses to “Tutu Tuesday”

  1. Please explain to me what the hell Burning Man is. All I know is that a bunch of people go out to the desert in crazy costumes for music and art? I'm probably waaayyy behind the curve on this one.

    Looks like you guys had a blast though!

    • You've got it! I'm still honestly processing how to answer that question: "What is Burning Man?" I think I will most definitely blog about it when I do have an answer. That's why I'm only posting about it in little chunks I'm able to digest. Basically, it's like a mini-society without money consisting of campers from all over the world, but mostly Oregon. Don't ask me why. And you dress however you'd dress if you weren't afraid of assault or ashamed of your body. And you challenge yourself to new experiences – or not, if you don't want to. It's everything the world should have if it were a utopia (LIKE A BALL PIT) but also there are dicks who throw drinks at you. It's what you decide it is, or maybe it's nothing at all. See! Kind of hard to explain! But I'm glad you're following along! More to come!! 🙂

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