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So. You’ve found me. You’ve finally found me. Bravo.

I’ve been expecting you, actually… and I’m GLAD you’re here!

Because now that I’ve got you on my web page, I can tell you about all the things I’m really excited about! Like…

Let’s talk about New York City!

My home for over 15 years, I’ve wanted to live in NYC ever since I saw West Side Story while home sick with the flu. The singing! The dancing! The… fire escapes!

I love New York SO MUCH, I’ve made it my business. Literally. For over a decade, I have led walking tours telling New York history with dramatic flair that would make Tony and Maria proud.

Book me at Metro Tours to learn the Secrets and History of Lower Manhattan – a perfect tour for first-time visitors to NYC! Locals and tourists alike enjoy the TriBeCa Architecture & History Tour, which dives deep into the surprising stories of the bougie little hamlet. With hundreds of five-star reviews on TripAdvisor alone, it is obvious that these tours are not to be missed!

Ok now let’s get personal – are you as obsessed with the morbid and macabre as I am? Seen every episode of Law & Order? Ever fooled around with a Ouija board?

Then if I may be so bold, I think you’d really enjoy taking a ghost tour with me! Let’s take a tour together with Ghosts, Murders & Mayhem Walking Tours!

The curious seekers of the ghostly and gory will love visiting Greenwich Village, for a picturesque stroll through the mysterious. True crime fans will enjoy delving into the Hell’s Kitchen Mostly Murder Tour – this one’s not for the faint of heart! My personal favorite tour is the Lower Manhattan route – nothing beats a candle-lit stroll through the deserted downtown of the metropolis, bringing the ghostly echos of the past to life. I’m telling you, I can’t get enough of this stuff! And I can tell you all about it!

Oh, let me tell you about all of the props, costumes & puppets I’ve helped build for Broadway, off-Broadway, and touring shows!

As a freelancer, I have had a hand in creating pieces for Broadway shows including Hamilton, Frozen, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Moulin Rouge!, Beetlejuice, Tina, MJ, Dear Evan Hansen, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. My work has toured the country and the world in Mean Girls (US), Phantom of the Opera (SE Asia), and many others.

Visit my upcoming portfolio to check out my, ahem, handiwork? Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

Want more? I’ve also written for BUST Magazine, Brokelyn, and xoJane!

View my BUST archives here

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Or check out my personally-curated favorite written content in my portfolio page!

While we’re getting to know each other, you can also swing by my YouTube channel, to see weekly vlogs chronicling my everyday life in New York City, working as a tour guide, shopping for groceries at Trader Joe’s, and living it up in the Big Apple as the farthest thing from a high-rolling influencer that you can possibly find:

Well! Now that we’re BEST FRIENDS, enjoy this space! Read through the archives of my blog below, or learn more about me on my About Me page. Thanks for visiting!

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