Currently… in November 2019


FEELING:  Starting to relax — starting to. I’ve recently gone from consistent 12-hour days to more routine 8-hour days at work. Still doing tours on weekends, but I’m trying to eke out a better work-life balance for myself. I’m feeling needed and inspired, which is good.


WATCHING: I was really disappointed with the ending of the Great British Bake-Off! I’ve been mostly watching Law & Order: SVU or listening to podcasts in my free time.


LISTENING TO:  Ah, the usual. Parcast network podcasts, all my favorite true crime podcasts.


WORKING ON: Uhhhhh…. yeah, work. Stuff I can’t tell the public about. Tours every weekend though! Open to the public!


THINKING ABOUT: Embarking on an ambitious and challenging project in my spare time, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but finally understand exactly what shape I want it to take.


EATING:  Uhhhhhh yeah…. snacks? I’e become obsessed with Trader Joe’s Candied Pecans.


LOOKING FORWARD TO:  CHRISTMAS! Now that Halloween is over, the city is putting up lights and festive decorations, and the extreme chill in the air has me thinking about the HOLIDAYS!!!


MAKING ME HAPPY: Doing fun and challenging work at the studio that gets easier and easier. Peppermint mocha season! Making plans for the holidays.

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  1. chelsea w says:

    Ugh, I need to catch up with your blog! But I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one disappointed with the Great British Bake Off’s ending. Candied pecans are amazing–especially with eggnog! I’ve been downing mango aloe vera juice like crazy. What’s a random true crime podcast (or even episode) you’d recommend for now? I listen to soooo many, I’m weighed down. But I still need more! I listen to some religiously, or have to some in the past, but sometimes I just listen to random episodes from random podcasts and don’t really follow them…I just…go with the flow…mannn. Good to be “chatting” with you again.

    1. meghan says:

      YES it’s wonderful to “chat” again!!! Is it just me or did like, everyone “fun” get eliminated off the show, leaving us with the most anxiety-ridden and dry finale in years? I think that was my problem with GBBO finale. Also, I had designs on putting the candied pecans into TJ GF pumpkin pancake mix UNFFFF!!! I will recommend to you a three-part podcast: Parcast network’s Unsolved Murders eps 165, 166, & 167: Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm? And the Casefile episode of the same crime. The whole Parcast network is amazing, I subscribe to almost every show – Wednesdays are my favorite day because that’s the day both Female Criminals and Crimes of Passion upload to Spotify! Happy Listening!

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