Busy-ness is BOOMING


So, fun thing: When it rains, it pours.


I’ve been mentioning in my past three “currently” posts that I’ve picked up another job, which means I’ve been basically working 7 days a week for at least two months now. Pretty much every blog post that’s been published over that time… was written well beforehand. And now, my scheduled blog posts queue is empty. Damn.


I think it’s my Virgo Moon that makes me anxious about being under-prepared. At the workshop, it’s not enough for me to do a task: I have to refine the process, streamline its execution, and organize the results into the perfect place. My overstuffed purse is evidence of a pathological drive to be prepared for any possible situation: The other day, someone cut themselves at work, and with someone in the bathroom (where the first aid kit lives), I was able to give them a Band-Aid from my purse because I keep them handy just in case.


Guess what? Being prepared for every possible scenario makes me twice as busy. Because I’m not only living my life, I’m also living my hypothetical life. Writing months’ worth of blog posts in the off-chance I’ll be too busy in the moment has actually been the one thing I’ve let go of! So, this is an update and an apology. An up-pology, if you will. I’m super busy! This blog may not publish 3x a week for a while! I look forward to having the bandwidth to be creative in my own life, as well as at work, but first, I have to do laundry. DAMN! I’ll be seeing you!


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