2013: Year In Review

Last year, I did a 2012 Year in Review post that I thought was so nice, that I’m doing it twice.  I thought 2013 would be a big year for me and BOY WAS I RIGHT.  Bear with me on my trip down memory lane… JANUARY In January I got[…]

What We Learned This Christmas

Last year, I never got to see my family for Christmas.  And I was miserable. This time around, it had been six months since I had seen any member of my family.   Oh, the old story:  working too hard, not enough time, costs too much to travel… But I[…]

December 2013 Photo-A-Day: Week Four

DAY 22.  SPRAKLY – up close of my candle holder DAY 23.  TRADITION – bus selfie.  So ready to be done with the day. DAY 24.  WRAPPED – I did mine up on gold, SEE??? DAY 25.  THE BEST BIT OF MY DAY – new carpet is pretty awesome! DAY[…]

All Through the House

I am so fortunate to be able to see my family this year for the holiday.  I remember last year, how angry and sad I was, so I first want to apologize to everyone who’s lonely this holiday. And now, pictures. Every year, there are MORE and MORE decorations at[…]

White Christmas

Today some of you are celebrating Christmas.  I wish for you fond memories, peace, harmony, and a little bit of booze.  And a White Christmas, from me, by way of Harlem, NYC.   BONUS Greenwich Village night-time shot!

Christmas Traditions: Livin’ It!

Last night, amid sleigh bells bus exhaust fumes, I arrived home for Christmas and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.  I hope all of you have equal chance to share time with people you love while all the banks and businesses are closed!  Last year, I wasn’t so lucky, so I[…]

Forget Ugly Sweaters…

…Look, I’m pretty sure this whole “ugly sweater” craze that’s sweeping the nation is a ruse invented by the thrift shop industry in an attempt to sell more ugly sweaters.  I sorta feel the same way about that hit song by Macklemore.  Like, is wearing an ugly sweater supposed to[…]

December 2013 Photo-A-Day: Week Three

December is like, almost over already!  And so, the year!   And so, the December 2013 Photo-A-Day Challenge from Fat Mum Slim! Day 15.  LIGHTS – the clock tower of the Jefferson Market Library is the North Star of the West Village. Day 16.  MAKES YOU FEEL MERRY – taking pleasure[…]

30 1/2

December 21.  You would be something like 30 and a half years old today.  And in a way, it feels like you are. It feels like I can swing by your parents house and find a fire in the basement and you, drink in hand, ready to shoot the shit,[…]

Tiny Bed

Tiny bed, I love you. I grew up in double beds.  Full-sized.  Living like a Queen. I must admit, when I picked you out at the Ikea outlet, I was a bit panicked.  Would I ever be satisfied with such a small bed?  WOULD I EVEN FIT IN SUCH A[…]


During last week’s bout of stomach flu, I completely lost my appetite.  For everything.  Can you blame me, though?  Everything I ate just came right back up.  Which hurts, actually, unless you eat very soft foods and liquids.  I was really sick.  How sick was I?  Even the thought of[…]

Laundry Pickup Service

So last week I was sick.  At the first sign of getting better, I realized my life was A MESS.  Dirty clothes everywhere, near-empty seltzer bottles, random buckets lying around.  I had to start somewhere and I started with laundry. My main concern with this Herculean task was being able[…]

Poo-Pourri: I Am Not Making This Shit Up

I finally saw the full ad for Poo-Pourri, a product that promises to completely eliminate toilet odors from your life forever and ever.  It’s real.  And apparently, it works, too. But watching the video left me with a crappy feeling.  Here’s another company trying to make money off our insecurities,[…]

Atheist Christmas Carols!

Alternet has clearly read my mind this year:  they’ve produced a fairly good list of Atheist-friendly Christmas songs!  Songs that do not mention Jesus, God, Saints, Angels, Miracles, or Virgin Births…because while Atheists may not like those things, we do loooove music.  We need it for our baby-eating rituals!  Check[…]

December 2013 Photo-A-Day: Week Two

Another week has come and gone in the Fat Mum Slim December 2013 Photo-A-Day Challenge and I think I’ve gotten the hang of it and am really enjoying subverting these prompts!  Heh heh heh Day 8.  I SHOP HERE  –  Boy do I ever.  I spent a small fortune (all[…]

Nuts in the Fruit Department

This is the reason why I’ll never again shop at the Key Foods on 146th Street. I just went in for some apples, oranges, tuna and cottage cheese.  I picked up a basket and headed to the apple section when I noticed something…off.  There was an elderly couple, a man[…]

Mug Shots!!!

It occurred to me while sick that I do not currently own nearly enough mugs.  You use the most mugs while sick because most sick foods are consumed from mugs.  Come to think, all the best foods are consumed in mugs:  coffee & tea, soup, ice cream, I’ve even put[…]

Sick Thoughts

Everyone tells me, “You push yourself too hard,” as if that’s supposed to be negative!  In my opinion, I should push harder.  I’m proud of pushing hard!  Pushing hard is a badge of honor! Until it catches up to you. So this week I have caught what I am assuming[…]

Let Me Take You Down

Every year, on December 8th, mourners gather at the Imagine Memorial in Strawberry Fields to sing and remember John Lennon.  This year, I trudged through thick, wet snow after work to make it there.  I sang “Hello, Goodbye” and “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.”  I tried to take[…]

Re-Stringing the Pearls

So for Thanksgiving I went with my boyfriend and his entire extended family to a fancy fancy restaurant.  Can you say nervous?  And you know me, I would LIVE in sweatpants if I could.  Getting fancy happens once in a very, very, very rare occurrence.  But I donned an all-black[…]