December 2013 Photo-A-Day: Week Two

Another week has come and gone in the Fat Mum Slim December 2013 Photo-A-Day Challenge and I think I’ve gotten the hang of it and am really enjoying subverting these prompts!  Heh heh heh

Day 8.  I SHOP HERE  –  Boy do I ever.  I spent a small fortune (all my tips from the night before!) to stock up and spoil myself with some truly fantastic stuff.  Only upon getting home did I realize

that 3/6 of my haul was mint-scented.  Hmmm…

–  Boots.  Wet.  ‘Nuff said.

Day 10.  R IS FOR…  –  all I could think of for this prompt was the scene in R&J where the Nurse says that R is “…the dog’s name!”  and I remember working on that play and being all “WHAAAT?” And apparently it’s because dogs go “Rrrrrr!” when they growl.  Dropped some knowledge on ya!

Day 11.  GREEN  –  my sort-of Christmas tree!  It’s made of tinsel and totally mod.  I totally love it.

Day 12.  JOY IS…  –  I bought my ticket home for Christmas and I will officially be seeing my family for Christmas!  I’ll actually be there for more than two days this time so hopefully they don’t drive me crazy but if you’ll notice, the ticket is refundable  😉

Day 13.  COMPOSITION  –  Amelia Bedelia loves being literal.

Day 14.  DRINK  –  this was my tea tag this morning and I have to say, it describes me perfectly right now.  Last night I felt amazing, I burned incense, painted my nails, drank tea and ate candy and jammed out to Hendrix and Joplin and felt so content and refreshed.  This morning, beautiful snow started falling and I woke up so rested and ready to enjoy the day.  After the terrible first two weeks of December, I’m ready for things to start turning around!

December 2013 Photo-A-Day:  Week One

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