Almond Joy

So I’m on a total almond kick lately, apparently.  Remember this trail mix?  Well, I have to say, Salted Roasted Almonds from Trader Joe’s are THA BOMB.  I can’t stop eating these suckers!  They will be the death of me. Well, it would surprise nobody to learn that I’m not[…]

December 2013 Photo-A-Day: Week One

I missed doing photo challenges!  I know they’re not popular anymore (perhaps that’s the sudden instant appeal for me?), but having more to do helps keep me on task.  ADD child, can you tell?  So I decided to keep myself on task with two things this month:  posting blogs every[…]

I’m A Little Teapot, Apparently

I’ve sworn up and down that I’m a coffee person.  Don’t worry!  I still am!  But I have a confession:  I’ve been cheating on coffee…with tea. I know!  I want to kick my own ass.  Trust.  But I’ve been trying different teas and not just because I’ve had the sniffles! […]


Our beloved family pet of fifteen, no, twenty, no, maybe forty?  years, Charlie a.k.a. Snooty Nose nee Master Charlemagne McTavish is in very poor health.  So we’re all very upset because we all love Charlie.  Everyone loves Charlie!  You love Charlie!  You just didn’t know it yet. Charlie is, without[…]

Happy Krampus, Or Not

Typically celebrated on December 5th, Krampus is like the anti-Christmas.  See, while jolly old St Nick brings presents for good little girls and boys, dear old Krampus comes along to punish the naughty ones – dragging them to his underworldly lair by their pigtails and suspenders and making them his[…]

Atheist Christmas…?

It’s a subject that’s been on my mind a lot lately.  How does an Atheist celebrate Christmas?  I’m not just talking about an “opt out” option, where you ignore the holiday altogether.  I know people who do this:  treat the day as if it were no different than any other[…]

Thanksgiving is the new Black Friday

Black Friday – like Thanksgiving – has come and gone, but I’m still not quite over it. I’m sure some of you out there spent your T-gives fighting others consumers for The Hawtest Dealz in town.  You probably thought, “What’s the harm?  I’m not spending thanksgiving with my family, I[…]

Currently… in December 2013

#fmsphotoaday prompt was “red.”  Observe my red sicky face. FEELING:  a little sour on Christmas, actually.  My store has been playing Christmas music since before Thanksgiving,which I am not okay with.  If I hear ANY version of “All I Want For Christmas is You,” I may be physically I’ll or[…]