Re-Stringing the Pearls

So for Thanksgiving I went with my boyfriend and his entire extended family to a fancy fancy restaurant.  Can you say nervous?  And you know me, I would LIVE in sweatpants if I could.  Getting fancy happens once in a very, very, very rare occurrence.  But I donned an all-black ensemble and topped it off with loads of pearls – pearls at the neck, and a long strand of pearls as a belt – and thought I looked okay.

Look!  There’s me all dressed up on the LIRR!  Can you see the fear in my eyes?

Well, before the actual dinner, I was hanging out in the kitchen of my BF’s folks’ house, nervously fiddling with my pearl-belt and IT BROKE.  Like, massively all over the floor pearls and beads everywhere.  It was kind of mortifying.  My guy gave me a Ziploc baggie and helped me scoop pearls into it which I shoved into my purse.  Ugh.  Humiliating.

So when it came time for re-stringing the pearls, I decided to get a little fancy with it.  I added a tassel of clear beads to the end, as you can see above, and eschewed the clasp at the other end entirely.  Now, the necklace can be worn multiple ways:

Note in the last picture, I am wearing pearls with sweatpants.  Ah, you can put a girl in pearls, but you can’t make her classy.  That’s why the lady is a tramp.

And if you decide to re-vamp any of your old pearl necklaces in the near future, I recommend using dental floss (totally stronger than regular thread!) and setting the mood with some pearl-stringing music:

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