All Through the House

I am so fortunate to be able to see my family this year for the holiday.  I remember last year, how angry and sad I was, so I first want to apologize to everyone who’s lonely this holiday.

And now, pictures.
Every year, there are MORE and MORE decorations at my parents’ house!  Piles upon piles!  It’s like Greater Homes and Gardens EXPLODED and everything is red and green and shiny and beautiful!  Here are some of my favorite decorations from over the years:
When I was little, I was told that Santa was always watching.  Somehow I became convinced that this yarn Santa head was some kind of hidden camera with a live feed to the North Pole.  Jury’s still out.

This wreath (sorry for the dark photo!) is made up of tiny, puffy fabric hexagons!  It’s very squishy, so it’s always been a personal fave.

I’ve always liked this down-to-earth angel.  Her name is Joy.  Obviously.

As a teenaged hippie, this banner always held much appeal for me.  As an adult hippie, I appreciate it even more.

Every year, the piano becomes mom’s Christmas village.  But there’s something unique about these buildings:  they are ALL libraries!  Do you know how hard it is to find a ceramic library?  Gets harder every year.  If you see one, send it along! We’ll make room!
And my favorite…

Back in ’03, my mom had carpal tunnel surgery ON CHRISTMAS EVE.  She asked me to drive her to the hospital, early in the morning, so I bought this Grumpy elf and wrapped his hand up.  After they put her under and wheeled her away, I ran out to the car to grab Grumpy so I could surprise her when she came out.  She fell asleep under the anesthetic and I was stuck waiting in the lobby with this guy in my lap and by the way did I mention he has a bell in his butt and he jingled aaaaalll the way?!  The card says “now that you’re not in pain, you have no reason to be Grumpy for Christmas!”
That’s a tour of my wild and wacky decorations!  I assume every family has some weird traditions and decorations that nobody else would understand.  What are yours?


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