Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Black Bean & Cheese Taquitos

Trader Jose’s Black Bean & Cheese Taquitos Tastes Like:  Tiny little super-crunchy chewy tacos.  These were My First Taquitos (awww!) so if you have had taquitos before, you may find them similar to what you’re used to.  Flavorful filling, not too spicy, perfect corn tortilla that crunches up beautifully. Great[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Fireworks Chocolate Bar

Trader Joe’s Fireworks Chocolate Bar Tastes Like:  HOT, HOT, HOT!  First, there’s the crackling popping candy.  THEN comes the pepper heat!  You want fireworks?  You got it, dude! Great With:  A glass of milk – to cut the heat factor and help cleanse the palate so that each bite is[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Brooklyn Brine Whiskey Sour Pickes

Brooklyn Brine Co. Whiskey Sour Pickles Tastes Like:  These are THE ULTIMATE PICKLES.  Okay, it’s not necessarily a TJ brand, but I found them here and without a moment’s hesitation, after seeing the look in my boo’s eyes holding them, I knew they were coming home with me.  They are[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: 100% Cranberry Juice

Trader Joe’s 100% Cranberry Juice Tastes Like:  Tart, tart, tart!  If Bette Midler was a juice, it would be this bright, sassy, bold concoction. Great With:  Seltzer to water it down a little bit – my favourite is the Trader Joe’s Raspberry-Lime flavour, but feel free to use any kind[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Organic Polenta

Trader Joe’s Organic Polenta Tastes Like:  Corn sausage.  Cornmeal patties?  Polenta is kind of a world unto itself. Great With:  Tomato sauce, salsa, cheese, curry powder – corn is a great blank-slate to sauce it up on! Perfect For:  Gluten-free “pizza bites” – we did this with tomato sauce and[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Whipped Cream Cheese

Trader Joe’s Whipped Cream Cheese Tastes Like:  Not-sweet Cream Cheese frosting.  Or, whipped cream cheese.  There really is no mystery here.  Sometimes it’s nice to get just what you expect. Great With:  Bagels and blackberry jam.  Oh you’ve never combined cream cheese and blackberry jam?  I’m so sorry about that[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Salsa Verde

Trader Jose’s Salsa Verde Tastes Like:  Lime, actually!  It’s not so much spicy as it is tangy. Great With:  Soy Chorizo – offset the heat nicely!  And everything else – eggs, nachos, polenta, anything you put salsa on. Perfect For:  Sufferers of salsa ennui. Must Know:  Texture is a little[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Polenta Provencale

Trader Joe’s Polenta Provencale Tastes Like:  Truly excellent gnocchi alla vodka. Great With:  A simple goat cheese omelette on the side, for breakfast. Perfect For:  Heating up in the microwave for a filling, easy dish! Must Know:  Labelled vegetarian, didn’t make me feel sick, couldn’t find evidence of gluten ingredients[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Hummus Salad Dressing

Trader Joe’s Hummus Salad Dressing Tastes Like:  Cilantro.  Totally honest here.  There’s a good bit of cilantro here, but if anyone can make cilantro SING!, it’s Trader Joe.  The flavour is distinctly hummus, the texture reminds me of sushi-restaurant salad dressing – creamy but very thin – best of both[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Organic Vegetarian Chili

Trader Jose’s Organic Vegetarian Chili Tastes Like:  This chili might be good enough to turn a carnivore to the herbi-curious side of things.  That’s saying a lot – made-up words included. Great With:  Chips for dipping and a little cheese on top. Perfect For:  Gluten-free vegetarian chili cheese fries! Must[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Vanilla Meringues

Trader Joe’s Vanilla Meringues Tastes Like:  The exact thing that these taste like is this:  Lucky Charms marshmallows.  Are they the most complex meringues you’ll ever indulge in?  No, probably not.  But they will melt in your mouth and deliver a nice sugar kick at a sweet price. Great With: […]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Salted Caramel Gelato

Trader Joe’s Salted Caramel Gelato Tastes Like:  Words fail!  It’s creamy, savory, sweet.  But does it taste like salted caramel?  I would say “no.”  It’s got a sort of butterscotch-y flavor to it, and it’s delicious, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not even sure if I’d know the taste of[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: GIANT Peruvian Inca Corn

Trader Joe’s GIANT Peruvian Inca Corn Tastes Like:  trying to put a name to this flavor was a real head-scratcher.  My roommate said they taste like corn Pops, only salty instead of sweet.  They have a kernally crunch to them, though, that’s hard to describe.  They’re hard at the inside,[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Dark Chocolate Toffee with Walnuts and Pecans

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Toffee with Walnuts and Pecans Tastes Like:  crunchy, sweet toffee bar with a hint of nuts.  Not so many nuts as you’d notice, but it’s a good overall effect! Great With:  Throwing on top of your basket in the checkout line because you just. can’t. not.[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins

Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins Tastes Like:  sweet and hearty, complex and SO SO moist muffins…maybe it’s the maple here, but these are so sticky and soft and gushy (yes, I may have just made up a word) that even muffin haters (do they exist?  Shunnnn the muffin haterz) will[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Cilantro & Jalapeno Hummus

Trader Joe’s Smooth & Creamy Cilantro & Jalapeno Hummus Tastes Like:  JALAPENO LIKE WOAH.  This is tangy and crisp at first (thanks to the cilantro – Trader Joe does cilantro like nobody’s business) but leaves behind a message and that message is MOUTH BURN.  Which is awesome because YOU LOVE[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Gone Bananas!

Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas! Tastes Like:  banana-flavoured popsicle, heavily coated in a thick, crunchy layer of dark chocolate. Great With:  milk and cartoons. Perfect For:  kids, kids at heart, and sock monkeys.  These aren’t too sweet, but are definitely creamy and the dark chocolate is nice quality.  Which is a[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes Tastes Like:  ladies and germs, you had better believe that I have searched the world over and tasted my fair share of gluten free cupcakes and I am here to tell you that, without a single doubt, these are THE ABSOLUTE BEST GLUTEN-FREE CUPCAKES YOU[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Candy Cane Green Tea

Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Green Tea Tastes Like:  Lightly minty, refreshing tea!  Confession:  I don’t usually like peppermint tea, and I don’t particularly like green tea, but this is refreshing and delightful! Great With:  The end of the night, winding down and curling up with some knitting. Perfect For:  After[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Roasted Garlic Marinara

Trader Joe’s Roasted Garlic Marinara Tastes Like:  Perfect tomato sauce.  A tiny bit sweet, a touch of garlic, savory and perfectly seasoned. Great With:  Spiralized zucchini or yellow squash, brown rice pasta, or splashing over the top of an omelette. Perfect For:  Stocking up as a cupboard staple.  Much easier[…]