Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Vanilla Meringues

Trader Joe’s Vanilla Meringues

Tastes Like:  The exact thing that these taste like is this:  Lucky Charms marshmallows.  Are they the most complex meringues you’ll ever indulge in?  No, probably not.  But they will melt in your mouth and deliver a nice sugar kick at a sweet price.

Great With:  Cranberry juice – the sweetness offsets the tart juice.  Or a mellow Sleepytime tea.

Perfect For:  Fans of cereal marshmallows, duh.

Must Know:  Gluten-free, fat free, but they contain egg so KEEP AWAY FROM VEGANS.

$3.29 for a big, BIG container of cookies that are too sweet to eat up too fast.  If you like a little sweetness, these go a long way!


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