Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Fireworks Chocolate Bar

Trader Joe’s Fireworks Chocolate Bar

Tastes Like:
  HOT, HOT, HOT!  First, there’s the crackling popping candy.  THEN comes the pepper heat!  You want fireworks?  You got it, dude!

Great With:  A glass of milk – to cut the heat factor and help cleanse the palate so that each bite is a WOW!

Perfect For:  SERIOUSLY next-level S’mores.

Must Know:  Does not appear to contain any gluten-fearing ingredients, but it is definitely not vegan.

$1.99 is a good price for a chocolate bar at TJ’s!  Given the uniqueness and complexity of the bar, I’d say that’s a fair deal compared with, say, the price of Chocolove or Green & Black’s.  While you might buy one of those quirky flavours expecting a great flavour punch, they don’t always deliver – the spice is too mild, the flavoring too subtle.  This one is sure to POW! you right in the taste buds!


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