Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Gone Bananas!

Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas!

Tastes Like: 
banana-flavoured popsicle, heavily coated in a thick, crunchy layer of dark chocolate.

Great With:  milk and cartoons.

Perfect For:  kids, kids at heart, and sock monkeys.  These aren’t too sweet, but are definitely creamy and the dark chocolate is nice quality.  Which is a thing us sock monkeys really appreciate.

Must Know:  box says “contains soy,” so I see no reason why vegans shouldn’t enjoy these, other than the fact that vegans hate all fun and that is a scientific fact.  (Note to vegans:  I’m Kidding!!)  You should also know that the chocolate definitely melts in your hands, making them a slightly messy indulgence, especially if you’re a sock monkey.

$1.99, a total pittance for a box full of enough chocolate covered bananas to share…with the monkey.


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