Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Roasted Garlic Marinara

Trader Joe’s Roasted Garlic Marinara

Tastes Like:  Perfect tomato sauce.  A tiny bit sweet, a touch of garlic, savory and perfectly seasoned.

Great With:  Spiralized zucchini or yellow squash, brown rice pasta, or splashing over the top of an omelette.

Perfect For:  Stocking up as a cupboard staple.  Much easier than thinking about cooking is just throwing this already perfect sauce over the top of some noodles and maybe mushrooms or fake chicken and getting back to your sanity, that is to say, a night when you can’t care less.

Must Know:  Contains soy.  Come on, guys, it’s just pasta sauce!

$1.79 for a jar.  Here’s where shopping at TJ can save you Mega Money.  Pasta sauce can really run you – a jar of good stuff in the regular grocery store can be upwards of $7!  What the hell?!  Buy the cheap stuff and it’s usually loaded with sugar and not much flavor (I’m looking at you, canned pasta sauce.) and you have to doctor it up with garlic salt or Dijon mustard (try it now, thank me later) to make it palatable.  This sauce – THIS SAUCE – is crave-worthy alllll on its own and cheaper than the cheapest of cheapos anywhere else.  Pantry staples at TJ can save you mega-bucks and are amazing and versatile to have on hand for these cold winter months when you reeeeeallly don’t want to get all dressed up just to go buy food but you reeeeallly can’t afford to get sushi delivered every day of the week. 


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