Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Whipped Cream Cheese

Trader Joe’s Whipped Cream Cheese

Tastes Like:
  Not-sweet Cream Cheese frosting.  Or, whipped cream cheese.  There really is no mystery here.  Sometimes it’s nice to get just what you expect.

Great With:  Bagels and blackberry jam.  Oh you’ve never combined cream cheese and blackberry jam?  I’m so sorry about that LIFE YOU’VE NEVER LIVED SERIOUSLY TRY IT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU *pant pant*  I’m okay…I’m okay…

Perfect For:  Fancying up your breakfasts.  And I’m not just talking about bagels here!  Cut a muffin in half, toast lightly, and spread a generous dollop of this heavenly stuff on the insides.

Must Know:  Definitely not for vegans – this is a whole lotta dairy – from cows not treated with rBST!  Whatever that means.

$1.99 for cream cheese in New York City is A STEAL!  Because of the whipped texture, it does feel like it’s mostly air, so it goes away quickly but it’s delicious when it’s around!

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