Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Hummus Salad Dressing

Trader Joe’s Hummus Salad Dressing

Tastes Like:  Cilantro.  Totally honest here.  There’s a good bit of cilantro here, but if anyone can make cilantro SING!, it’s Trader Joe.  The flavour is distinctly hummus, the texture reminds me of sushi-restaurant salad dressing – creamy but very thin – best of both worlds, if ya ask me!

Great With:  Kale, tomato, edamame, cranberry, almond, and boiled egg salads.  This is a truly unique dressing and it’s great with everything!

Perfect For:  Lunches!  Squirt a squeezeful (scientific term) on the bottom of your Tupperware.  Build your salad on top of that, upside-down, starting with things like tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, etc.  I find the kale wilts less in my salads during the week if it’s nearer to the top?  Actually, A Beautiful Mess recently did a post on salads in jars that’s worth checking out for salad inspo.  I don’t bother dumping it out and stirring it, I just shake my Tupperware upside-down for a little to disperse the dressing (FUN FACT: one of my favourite students caught me abusing my salad thusly one day and he asked me, incredulously, “Do you hate your lunch?”  I told him we – the lunch and I – were just going through a rough patch).

Must Know:  Probs doesn’t inflame gluten allergies, though it’s not expressly labelled GF (anymore? I feel like it used to be.  Uh oh).  It’s also labelled vegan, so even vegans can’t get angry at that!

$2.29 is not outrageous for salad dressing.  This stuff is really good, so it doesn’t last for very long in my house!  It’s a really unique flavour and definitely worth the try for anyone who’s bored of choosing between Ranch and Italian.

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