Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Candy Cane Green Tea

Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Green Tea

Tastes Like:  Lightly minty, refreshing tea!  Confession:  I don’t usually like peppermint tea, and I don’t particularly like green tea, but this is refreshing and delightful!

Great With:  The end of the night, winding down and curling up with some knitting.

Perfect For:  After a big meal of sushi!

Must Know:  Last year, this tea was marked “gluten-free.”  This year, it isn’t.  I don’t know what changed, but I don’t think it’s been an issue, so go ahead and try it.  Also, it’s Kosher.  Also, it’s tea.  So you’re probably safe drinking it if you have any allergies, anyway.

$1.99 for 20 bags of tea but here’s the thing – this product is ONLY available around the holidays so STOCK UP!  It’s a great tea to have on hand, no matter what the season, and I bought WHAT I THOUGHT WAS enough boxes to last me all year round last year.  NOPE.  So buy an extra.  It’s $2 now that you’ll be glad you spent, later.

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