Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Organic Polenta

Trader Joe’s Organic Polenta

Tastes Like:
  Corn sausage.  Cornmeal patties?  Polenta is kind of a world unto itself.

Great With:  Tomato sauce, salsa, cheese, curry powder – corn is a great blank-slate to sauce it up on!

Perfect For:  Gluten-free “pizza bites” – we did this with tomato sauce and black garlic on slices of seared polenta and it was divine.  If you don’t gluten, and miss pizza bites, you have to try this!

Must Know:  Gluten-free, right on the label!

$1.99 for a big amount – I ate this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner one day!  If’n you’re looking for something indulgent and unique that won’t break the bank, it’s strongly recommended.  From what I hear, polenta is usually on the pricey side and rather difficult, so having this the easy was is a joy!  Go forth and polenta!!!

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