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  • I’m A Little Teapot, Apparently

    I’m A Little Teapot, Apparently

    I’ve sworn up and down that I’m a coffee person.  Don’t worry!  I still am!  But I have a confession:  I’ve been cheating on coffee…with tea. I know!  I want to kick my own ass.  Trust.  But I’ve been trying different teas and not just because I’ve had the sniffles!  Tea can be good!  Sometimes! …

  • IRL


    Bloggers love to talk about “blogging honestly.”  But it’s impossible to blog completely honestly, because blogging is autobiographical!  You’re presenting yourself through your own eyes!  How can you be 100% positive you’re being your honest, authentic self? How am I different in real life than I seem on my blog? I swear ALL THE TIME.…

  • OkCupid, You’re Pretty Okay

    OkCupid, You’re Pretty Okay

    Good things about going on lots of OkCupid Dates: Discovering new places around town that you might never have found on your own:  Vegetarian’s Paradise, Van Leewen ice cream, The High Line after dark, and even my beloved Mura!    Learning cool new things:  for instance, do you know what an “interrobang” is?  Talking to people…

  • Blogtember #19:  Gripe

    Blogtember #19: Gripe

    I’ve written about my Facebook pet peeves here and here.  But I’ve noticed a new trend has emerged that has gotten so out of hand that I’ve even gone so far as to delete the Facebook app from my phone. I don’t want to make light of other people’s problems, but taking everyday gripes to…

  • Blogtember #16: Review — Living Single

    Blogtember #16: Review — Living Single

    All the Single Ladies, Put Your Hands Up.Let’s be honest.  Having a relationship is great, but being single is tha bomb.  Whether you’re a veteran at being unattached or freshly dumped, you have to agree that it’s somewhat of a relief to be footloose and fancy-free!  I even made a little poem about it! S…

  • Blogtember #14: The Pants Problem

    Blogtember #14: The Pants Problem

    I believe you’ll know if it’s true love or not if you find yourself thinking all day about getting home to that special someone. Or some-thing. And I may have found true love. I bought these sweatpants from Kmart on Friday, September 6th.  And they have taken over my world.  All day at work, all…

  • Blogtember #5: Take Care

    Blogtember #5: Take Care

    Last Autumn, I took the Myers-Briggs Personality Test and got the result ESFJ – the Caregiver.  I then proceeded to laugh my ass off at how accurately the result had pegged me. I live to please!  Sometimes to the exclusion of my own needs!  I’m always doing what other people want of me – well,…

  • Blogtember #4:  Nothing to Fear

    Blogtember #4: Nothing to Fear

    When I sat down to, as today’s Blogtember prompts, write a story about a time I was afraid, I could think of none in recent history. Going back further, however, I remembered there was a time when I was always afraid. I was afraid of losing the people I loved, of getting hurt, or embarrassing…

  • How To Meet an Internet Date

    How To Meet an Internet Date

    1.  Be first to arrive.  That way your date has to pick you out of the crowd, not the other way around.  You don’t want to be the asshole trying to peer behind every individual’s sunglasses to divine if that is the stranger you are meeting.  2.  Don’t pull any punches on your appearance.  No…

  • Why Vacation Isn’t All That

    Why Vacation Isn’t All That

    I love traveling up to Buffalo every year.  But let’s face it:  sometimes vacation sucks.  Living out of a suitcase, travel-sized bottles of toiletries, long stretches of highway where your feet fall asleep and your butt falls asleep and finally YOU fall asleep and you drool against the window of a Greyhound bus (not that…

  • My Baby

    So I have been working on this theory that tattoos are like babies.  They’re both really delicate at first.  And both usually warrant a lot of SPF this time of year.  Well, see what I mean: Parents?Tattooed folk?Whaddaya think???

  • If You Only Have Five Minutes to Live

    You know those weird religious recruitment pamphlets that people slide under your apartment door?  (No, you don’t get those?  That’s weird.  Cuz yeah, THAT’S weird.)  Well, it gave me an idea: What would you do if: – you knew you only had five minutes to live? – you just found out that you only had…

  • Sharing is Caring…NOT

    I consider myself a very sharing person.  Therefore, I am a very CARING person.  But you have to draw the line somewhere: Are you an over-sharer?  Or do you refuse to share?  Is it weird that I don’t like sharing any of these things? “Share” in the comments!

  • Skulls and Roses

    Skulls and Roses

    Clutch your pearls and reach for the smelling salts, I’m doing an outfit post. Everybody liked this dress so much when I posted about it on Sunday Social/Instagram, I’m afraid it’s become a runaway hit.  I try to save it for special occasions. Like my bracelet?  I made it!  I’ve been just slightly obsessed with…

  • Tampocalypse Now

    Tampocalypse Now

    In about a month, I’ll be 29 years old.  That’s practically an adult! One of the things I am most proud of as an adult is never running out of the essentials.  I have managed to, since moving out “on my own,” have a never-ending supply of toilet paper, peanut butter and…tampons.   Here’s an…

  • There’s Got to Be a Morning After(care)

    There’s Got to Be a Morning After(care)

    This is a post about my tattoo healing process.  Some people may be grossed out or even offended by the descriptions.  Also, my experience may be different from your experience, and each tattoo heals differently under different circumstances.  This is a (hopefully) humourous look at my own circumstances. “It rubs the lotion on its skin”…

  • Don’t Get It Twisted

    This one time, I nearly had a heart attack. I was at work, doing my thing, when I suddenly became aware of an acute, piercing pain directly over my heart on my breastbone.  It hurt so much I couldn’t breathe.  I started to launch into self-calming mode:  I started to talk softer, took deep breaths,…

  • Try A Little Tenderness

    Try A Little Tenderness

    A day ago, I was having an emotional heart-to-heart with a friend of mine who was complimenting me.  It made me uncomfortable while it thrilled me, and he said aloud:  “You have terrible self-esteem.” Being told you have low self-esteem (and that it shows) does the opposite of fixing your low self-esteem, FYI. In the…

  • Call It A Talent

    Call It A Talent

    Today’s Blog Every Day prompt is to sell yourself in 10 words or less.  I did it in 9.  I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating:

  • …Only I Didn’t Say “Fudge”….

    …Only I Didn’t Say “Fudge”….

    I am afraid of peanut butter fudge. Rather, I am afraid of saying “peanut butter fudge.” Let’s back up. I have the easiest job ever.  My job is to smile and hand out free candy.  Like Halloween, only for nine hours at a time standing on your feet up and down stairs.  Okay, not so…