OkCupid, You’re Pretty Okay

Good things about going on lots of OkCupid Dates:

Discovering new places around town that you might never have found on your own:  Vegetarian’s Paradise, Van Leewen ice cream, The High Line after dark, and even my beloved Mura!   

Learning cool new things:  for instance, do you know what an “interrobang” is?  Talking to people who are experts exposes you to new opinions and experiences!

Helps you improve as a storyteller – being asked the same questions over and over:  “Where are you from?”  “What is your family like?” – gives you practice in telling your autobiography.

Makes you a better, more active listener.  Boring dates ask “What do you do?”  “Do you have any hobbies?”  “Where are you from?”  Good dates (and good interviewers) ask “What do you love about your job?”  What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done?”  “What’s special about your hometown?”

OkCupid was pretty okay, after all.


3 responses to “OkCupid, You’re Pretty Okay”

  1. Good point on the listening. The way you ask the question determines the type of answer you get. What exactly is an interrobang? I'm thinking this is a barrage of questions.

  2. I am SO about the interrobang!! How can I get a real one on this keyboard?!?!

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