If You Only Have Five Minutes to Live

You know those weird religious recruitment pamphlets that people slide under your apartment door?  (No, you don’t get those?  That’s weird.  Cuz yeah, THAT’S weird.)  Well, it gave me an idea:

What would you do if:

– you knew you only had five minutes to live?

– you just found out that you only had five minutes to live?

– you had to live out your last five minutes in surprise and solitude?

Well?  What would YOU do?  HURRY UP!  Time’s ticking!

One response to “If You Only Have Five Minutes to Live”

  1. I like this new "format"…kind of makes me feel like I'm in school!

    Being a parent, my children (ages 24 and 27) are/would always be the first thought if I had only 5 minutes so, for the purpose of this exercise, I'm going to leave them out of the equation.

    If I had time to prepare, I would say good bye to as many people I could and tell them how important they were to me – maybe throw a party?

    If I was caught by surprise I would….hmmm, this one is difficult. I'll go with your idea. What's the worst thing that could happen – get slapped…hey, I'm gonna die in 5 minutes, who cares?

    If I were alone I would contemplate what is about to happen, meditate and be at peace.

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