Blogtember #14: The Pants Problem

I believe you’ll know if it’s true love or not if you find yourself thinking all day about getting home to that special someone.

Or some-thing.

And I may have found true love.

I bought these sweatpants from Kmart on Friday, September 6th.  And they have taken over my world.  All day at work, all I can think about is getting home to these pants, snuggling on the couch, and sharing an intimate evening.  I yearn to get them between the sheets, snuggle up, and coast off to dreamland together.  Even when I’m out with other boys, I catch myself wishing I was home, with my sweatpants.

I’m even a little bit worried that my new sweatpants may be holding me back from fully living my life.  What if it turns out that I love my new sweatpants so much that I stop going out altogether because I’d rather be home in my sweatpants? 

It’s the cliche New York relationship:  meet in the summer, have fun all autumn, and be so settled by winter that all you do is sit around the apartment ordering from GrubHub and binge-watching Netflix.  Comfort is great and all, but that might just be getting too comfortable for me to be comfortable with that.

I have a Pants Problem.

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  1. This is us with our onesies!! It's bad, but oh so good. xx

  2. Crystal says:

    Ooh, I may have to go see if my KMart has these! Funny enough, my Blogtember post included pants, too!

  3. Mary Hill says:

    Sounds like a real comfortable problem to have. Thanks for sharing in Blogtember.
    Mary-andering Creatively

    Mary-andering Among the Pages

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