Blogtember #16: Review — Living Single

All the Single Ladies, Put Your Hands Up.
Let’s be honest.  Having a relationship is great, but being single is tha bomb.  Whether you’re a veteran at being unattached or freshly dumped, you have to agree that it’s somewhat of a relief to be footloose and fancy-free!  I even made a little poem about it!

S is for Self-Fulfillment: 
Without worrying about someone else, I put all my efforts into myself.  My toenails finally get painted!  I take long baths by candlelight, watch Doctor Who by candlelight, prop myself up on my elbows and read Vogue magazine by candlelight…I spend a lot more money on candles, but it’s worth it!

I is for Investment:  Yes, aside from the ballooning candle budget, I have been saving a lot of money.  Without taking off time from work for my “relationship,” I am working more, saving money, and not spending any of it on any stupid boy. 

N is for Neatness:  Weekends are no longer spent shuttling back and forth to Brooklyn, and a lot gets done.  Laundry, housecleaning, groceries.  My time management has vastly improved!

G is for Girliness:  Did I mention I finally have time to paint my toenails?  Now that I’m not pretending to be interested in professional wrestling to appease a lame boy or being dragged to lame events in the evening, I am free to indulge my love of all girly things!  Shopping!  My Little Pony!  And did I mention scented candles?

L is for Loneliness:  Ah, there is this one tiny drawback.  That feeling of “I wish I had someone to share this awesome view/ice cream/episode of Doctor Who with.  But that’s what blogs are for!  I have you guys to tell all my cool stories to, take pictures of sunsets for, and there’s always my pillows to snuggle to sleep.  Not so bad, overall!

E is for Exciting: 
It’s called “playing the field” because it really is sort of like a game!  Each date could be awesome, could be dreadful!  It’s like a lottery of sorts.  And as long as he buys the coffee/ice cream/falafel, you always kind of win, in a way!

So instead of bemoaning the sad state of your romantic life, think instead about how lucky you are!  Flip on the Netflix, crack open a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Liz Lemon Frozen Greek Yogurt (oh how good is that flavor, seriously?) light up an Apple Cinnamon candle and put some cotton balls between your toes.  Relax and enjoy living only for yourself because any minute…any minute…all that could change.


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  1. Being single can be great! I was talking to my husband about that one day. When you date / marry you start to morph into each other b/c you sort of have to? You know if you are a girl and don't like football, somehow you get sucked into it… But if you were single would you really be watching it type of thing? lol

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