Skulls and Roses

Clutch your pearls and reach for the smelling salts, I’m doing an outfit post.

Everybody liked this dress so much when I posted about it on Sunday Social/Instagram, I’m afraid it’s become a runaway hit.  I try to save it for special occasions.

Like my bracelet?  I made it!  I’ve been just slightly obsessed with these skull bracelets since last fall, but because they were so trendy, every store was charging like, twenty bucks for them.  Seriously!  And they were impossible to find at street jewelry tables. 

So when I stopped in to Michael’s craft store at Columbus Square to use their bathroom (it was a two and a half mile walk there, don’t you judge me!), and saw that they were having a bead sale, BEAD SALE!, I had to check it out.  These turquoise beauties were only $3 for more than enough beads for this bracelet because I have tiny wrists.  Like, really tiny wrists.  Always have, always will.

So I took them home to my Stretch Magic and strung together just enough to adorn my aforementioned tiny wrists.  Custom bracelet, by me!  But not without incident:  while I was trying it on for length, I accidentally let go of one end and skulls went flying off the stretchy thread all over the floor!

I managed to track them all down – I’m a great head-hunter, ha ha – and fix my mistake.  I love turquoise for summer because it has a rustic hippie look, like the brass rose ring that accompanies it.  And I get to say I made it.  And that I saved $17, which is more than the oh-so-pretty H&M dress cost! 


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