I’m A Little Teapot, Apparently

I’ve sworn up and down that I’m a coffee person.  Don’t worry!  I still am!  But I have a confession:  I’ve been cheating on coffee…with tea.

I know! 

I want to kick my own ass.  Trust.  But I’ve been trying different teas and not just because I’ve had the sniffles!  Tea can be good!  Sometimes!  When ingested orally.  Let me explain:

I was sitting at home relaxing on Wednesday night, by the radiator and the open window (yup) with a cup of similarly-confused luke-warm tea and cruising the Interwebz for teh lolz.  I took a big swig of tea and started to chuckle.




Tea came out my nose.  Tea came out my nose.  Out my nose and onto the carpet.  And my nose just hasn’t felt right since!

So, to summarize, Neti Pots are good for your sinuses.
Nose Tea Pots are not.

But I guess it kind of serves me right.
For cheating on coffee
and all.

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