Blogtember #5: Take Care

Last Autumn, I took the Myers-Briggs Personality Test and got the result ESFJ – the Caregiver.  I then proceeded to laugh my ass off at how accurately the result had pegged me.

I live to please!  Sometimes to the exclusion of my own needs!  I’m always doing what other people want of me – well, that’s something I’m trying to get over.  More on that tomorrow.  Taking care of other people comes so naturally to me, you’d think I’d be better at taking care of plants?

Last fall, I would have given you the donut off my back if you’d asked for it!
I know this might seem like a positive trait., but actually, it means I have to work extra-hard to make sure I take care of myself.  As my former therapist often grilled me, “When do you relax?”  After I took the test last November, I started instituting a policy I called “Abstinence Weekend” where I would not make plans to see anyone, would schedule special treats for MYSELF, and stay at home and relax.  Abstaining from contact with others helps me to focus on myself and clear my head.  I regain focus on what I want, and emerge rested and ready to be the Caregiver once again.

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    • Oh! Saying "no" is so hard! I'm working on it at work – I always try to please every customer, but sometimes people don't WANT to be satisfied, so you have to give up. Giving up is so hard, especially for a people-pleaser, but accept that some people don't want solutions to their problems and focus on someone you CAN help. That's what I've learned.

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