Therapy Matters

  The thing I love about therapy is that I never completely understand it. To be honest, this is also the thing I don’t like about therapy.   📯📯📯 If you’ll forgive me tooting my own horn for a minute, I’m pretty smart. I was a (mostly) straight-A student in high school and all through[…]

This Is Why It Takes Forever To Walk Anywhere In The City In The Rain

  UMBRELLAS. It’s because everyone is carrying umbrellas.   A normal sidewalk is like a stream, and its pedestrians like fish. Foot traffic hinges on the ability of walkers to blithely slither past each other, faster fish weaving and bobbing through schools of slower fish.   Umbrellas, though.   A[…]

Kewpie, Doll

  My hot new summer obsession is mayonnaise.   I apologize for making you think of “hot” and “summer” and “mayonnaise” all in one sentence. Ew. Gross.   Let’s rephrase:   I’ve just discovered KEWPIE mayonnaise, this luxurious Japanese mayo that comes in a soft and lovely squeeeeeeezey bottle.  […]

GOOD NEWS! You Don’t NEED Any Help!

This week had been a total blur! Like, I’ve been at the studio since Tuesday, and I basically come home, have a glass of rosé, and fall asleep in an awkward position on the couch. Managed to give myself big blisters on my hand, which is awesome, and I carried[…]

All About Autumn

July 16th, 2017. Temperatures are expected to reach a muggy 87 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s the kind of weather that prompts “dads” to joke that you could “fry an egg on the sidewalk,” but given the humidity, it’s more likely that the egg would poach.    It’s the kind of weather[…]

Modern Miss Manners

  I’m old enough to remember being drilled by my elders on the concept of etiquette. I assure you, even as a punk rock baby, I realized most of it was total bullshit. I mean, WHO CARES if you wanna use a tea spoon to eat your soup with? But[…]


  Christmas was ruuuuuuuuuined.   When I was very young, it was the tradition to go to Christmas Eve mass and pick up a sheet pizza from Nirchi’s on the way home. Then, one year, we got a deep fryer…and discovered the joy of tempura. It was decided that this year,[…]

I Saw The Light

  Bright light floods my eyes. Bright, bright light.   I raise my hand to shield them. What’s happening?   “The helicopter,” I whisper weakly. “For the drowning. The shipwreck.”   “Where’s your phone?” My boyfriend asks. “Here, here,” I press it into his arm.   He turns off the[…]

GOOD NEWS! You Really SHOULD Play With Your Food

Happy Friday, again! I’ve been off from the studio this week, and you know what that means!!! A lot of grocery shopping and laundry, haha! I touched-up my hair on Monday, and on Tuesday I spent the day with some friends from like….middle school? A loooong time ago. Therapy on[…]

Time To Feed The Gendered Language Around Periods To The Sharks

    Aunt Flo. Lady Time. Crimson Tide. That last one is a football team, but the other two are euphemisms for PERIODS! Menstruation! And this week, a lot of blood was shed over the way we talk about periods.   Help us evolve language around gender and menstrual health.[…]

Cover It Up

  Hey, editors of various noteworthy publications: I have a request.   PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop putting that guy on your cover. You know the one I mean.   He already thinks the world revolves around him — — please stop giving him the impression that he does. You know how, when a[…]

All The Makeup You Need To Survive Burning Man

Okay, Let’s Be Honest: makeup really isn’t necessary at Burning Man. I just… I really like it! The best part of my morning (besides my super-regular 6:45am morning poop #humblebrag) is deciding what makeup to wear that day. What colors, what theme, what “look” I’m going to go for. Why should I[…]

SECRETS REVEALED! Why Living In NYC Is *Actually* The Best, For Real

  Pommes Frites will let you taste their sauces before you buy. I’m telling you, their Curry Ketchup is phenomenal! But you don’t have to believe me, just ask them to taste a sample!   We have Central Park. And you don’t.   Nothing is embarrassing here. Everybody lives stacked on top[…]

Angry Birds

And at first it was cute, but now, I’m afraid in my own home.   So I might have mentioned on social media (Twitter, probably, appropriately enough) that a family of small birds has built a nest underneath my kitchen window. I was so excited to have “new neighbors” and[…]

Good News! YOU Think You’re Helping

  Wow it’s FRIDAY AGAIN?!? I really can’t believe it! Maybe the “holiday” messed me up into thinking it couldn’t possibly be Friday already. I put “holiday” in quotes because I’ve been working every single day since last you heard from me, except for the Fourth, which I spent having a raging[…]

No Pictures, Please

  It happened after therapy. It happened with my friend. It happened during one of my tours. And it almost happened while running a work errand, but I put my hand up and said “No.”   When I was a kid, somebody told me that “ancient cultures” believed that taking[…]

Can Men Wear Clothes?

  It started with the romper. Sorry, romphim. Men, are you ok?   Alright, I hate to say it, but #NotAllMen lost their minds when the romphim, which is a romper for men (?), started making headlines early this spring. Masculinity so fragile that you can wear a shirt, and[…]

Currently… in July 2017

  FEELING:  Excited, but wiped out. I’ve had long hours and lots going on, which is awesome, but I’m also totally beat. . WATCHING: Still lots of YouTube. And The Bachelorette!  . LISTENING TO:  Lots of podcasts at the studio: Sword and Scale for entertainment, Radiolab for edutainment, Risk for laughs! . READING:  Oh no, another[…]