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Wow it’s FRIDAY AGAIN?!? I really can’t believe it! Maybe the “holiday” messed me up into thinking it couldn’t possibly be Friday already. I put “holiday” in quotes because I’ve been working every single day since last you heard from me, except for the Fourth, which I spent having a raging stomachache and running errands (which yes, was terrible, and I don’t count that as a day off).

So last Saturday, I did three ghost tours in one day. I’ve never done three full tours, back to back, and I was nervous (especially because the weather was humid, sunny, and thunderstorming all day!) but they went great! My groups had such great energy, and I just fed off that and had such great tours! In between the second and third tour, I grabbed some dinner and went to Sephora to kill time (and escape the typhoon of rain that was pissing down at that moment) and not only did I get my “birthday gift” (tarte blush and lipstick that I love!) I also found a red lippie that matches my lantern (so key on tours) and bought my first Kat von D lipstick! I now understand why the entire Internet (aka beauty bloggers) totally lose their minds over the Kat von D lipsticks, they’re GORGEOUS, the applicator is PERFECT, and they last FOREVER. The photo up above is of me modeling the shade “Miss Argentina” at the end of a twelve-hour day at the studio on Sunday. I did twelve more hours on Monday, then Tuesday, stomach aches, laundry, you know.

Next week, the studio is closed, so I have a few days to catch up on my life! I desperately need it, because my roots are dreadful, my left armpit is completely scabbed over from stress-induced psoriasis, and I have to grocery shop because all I’ve been eating for days is cheese and fries. I’m craving vegetables. Please send greens.


Okay enough of my whining now onto the fun stuff!


Omg this post’s title was inspired by this tweet which makes me laugh so hard:


I’m low-key addicted to The Undateables feature of Time Out New York, and this story was the most interesting one yet! Gotta love the honesty of a dater who just comes out with “I mean, he was attractive, alive and there. So we were off to a good start.” Keep that bar high, daters!


So apparently the “suspicious” artifact dug up in midtown that authorities thought was a bomb was actually….a club kid time capsule?!?! I’m laughing my ass off over here. This is the future the 80’s warned us about, and here we are, digging up their old bras.


The Nib has been K.I.L.L.I.N.G. IT lately! I’ve signed up for their daily “digest” email and it’s the email I’m always happiest to open in the morning. Here are some great comics to check out about immigration, drugs, red, Trumpcare, pre-existing conditions, and Kansas.


I don’t know what I was doing when this musical trend happened, but I missed it, but now I found it! This song is so bizarre and amazing and I hope you enjoy it!


This video was so cute that I watched it like five times all the way through!


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