Kewpie, Doll


My hot new summer obsession is mayonnaise.


I apologize for making you think of “hot” and “summer” and “mayonnaise” all in one sentence.




Let’s rephrase:


I’ve just discovered KEWPIE mayonnaise, this luxurious Japanese mayo that comes in a soft and lovely squeeeeeeezey bottle.


Now, I’ve always held that Mayo is the best condiment for French fries (or Belgian frites), but you haven’t lived until you’ve had Kewpie mayo drizzled over lightly-salted sweet potato fries. Oh my God.


But wait, there’s more! Mix in a tiny bit of Sriracha to the Kewpie mayo and you have a spicy, creamy, tart and perfect sauce for basically everything. Veggie burgers. Tuna steaks. Even consensual sexual acts. Maybe?


But the greatest part of Kewpie mayo is its sassy and unexpected tartness. When you drizzle a doodle of Kewpie on, say, a piping hot hash brown patty, it releases the most delicious warm smell that is almost as satisfying as its actual flavor.


Who am I. I’m in love with mayonnaise.



image of Kewpie via Wikimedia Commons


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