2014 Year in Review

Um it felt so weird to write “2014” because I guess I still haven’t caught up to the fact that it’s 2014 yet and it’s almost 2015 which is insane for me to even think about which only proves I need this post because where has the time gone?  Hopefully[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes Tastes Like:  ladies and germs, you had better believe that I have searched the world over and tasted my fair share of gluten free cupcakes and I am here to tell you that, without a single doubt, these are THE ABSOLUTE BEST GLUTEN-FREE CUPCAKES YOU[…]

Batgirl #37: Gaga for Banksy

I’m gonna say it, I think Batgirl #37 was the best Burnside Batgirl issue yet!  You know that saying, don’t judge a book by its cover?  That absolutely applies here.  The first few pages are definitely…a little off-putting.  Selfie!  Kawaii!  Poker face!  Erm, yeah, maybe not…  Not at first, anyway. […]

New Year's Meme by Sunday Stealing!

The New Year’s Eve Meme from Sunday Stealing! In 2014, I gained:  a new job, a new friend, and a hot boyfriend. Hi! I lost:  my first pet, Charlie. I stopped:  working in retail – “and that has made all the difference.”  I never realized how shitty I was being[…]


Christmas can be a tough time to be gluten-free because … because cookies everywhere, that’s why!  Sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, everyone’s always shoving fluffy, moist, tantalizing cookies under your nose.  It never gets easier having to politely turn down these offers!   But screw those cookies.  The most delicious Christmas[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Blogging Resolutions

There’s always room for improvement!  And while I’ve been mostly pleased with my commitment to my blog this year, I have some clear ideas of how to improve it for next year: 1.  MOAR PICTURES  I’ve been pretty lax about picture-taking in general, and I love looking at other blogs[…]

Merry Dinosaurmas

‘Twas the night before the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event And all through the Mesozoic Era,Not a creature was stirring,Not even a pterosaur, plesiosaur, or ammonite. When all of a suddenThere arose such a clatterT-Rex reared to the skyTo see what was the matter From up in the airRained comets belowspelling extinction[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Candy Cane Green Tea

Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Green Tea Tastes Like:  Lightly minty, refreshing tea!  Confession:  I don’t usually like peppermint tea, and I don’t particularly like green tea, but this is refreshing and delightful! Great With:  The end of the night, winding down and curling up with some knitting. Perfect For:  After[…]

Four Years Later

Four years ago this afternoon, I sat on a bench overlooking this view and heard that my friend was gone. Four years – a lifetime – a matter of minutes And not a day goes by that I don’t have trouble believing itdon’t wish it had all been a dreamdon’t[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Christmas Movies

1.  A Charlie Brown Christmas  you knew I was gonna bust this one out right out of the gate.  My Snoopy love is well-known and this has all the elements:  Charlie Brown feeling bad for himself, Lucy charging five cents for Psychiatric Help, Snoopy mackin’ on the ladies…and the most[…]

Thanksgiving Recap!

I am way late in the game talking about my Thanksgiving adventures but here we go – I went upstate to spend the big day with my boyfriend’s parents, then dragged him down to Binghamton to meet my parents…and drink a ton of Scotch. Oh, to be fair, we didn’t[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Roasted Garlic Marinara

Trader Joe’s Roasted Garlic Marinara Tastes Like:  Perfect tomato sauce.  A tiny bit sweet, a touch of garlic, savory and perfectly seasoned. Great With:  Spiralized zucchini or yellow squash, brown rice pasta, or splashing over the top of an omelette. Perfect For:  Stocking up as a cupboard staple.  Much easier[…]

Batman: Endgame

Confession:  I’m getting kind of tired of the Joker. I got through Death of the Family but just barely:  those rambling romantic Batman/Joker dialogues nearly lost me forever.  But when a friend tipped me off that Batman:  Endgame was going to be epic, I had to check it out.  My[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Dear Santa…

Dear Internet Santa: (or the intern elf in charge of responding to internet wishlists) Because you know I live in an apartment, and have no way of storing fun gifts, please just bring me gift cards this year.  I take full responsibility for seeing that I don’t accidentally try to[…]

Strawberry Fields Forever

My favourite December tradition is to go to Strawberry Fields on December 8th and sing around the Imagine mosaic.  This year’s crowd was as chill as the weather and I barely noticed that I spent nearly two hours outside in the cold singing allllll the hits, up to and including[…]

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Channa Masala

Trader Joe’s Channa Masala Tastes Like:  The perfect Channa Masala!  This favorite dish of mine can be SO hit-or-miss…sometimes it’s so mild it’s like it barely exists at all.  Other times, the spice is so overwhelming that the flavor (and enjoyment) just disappears!  But TJ nails it here with the[…]

To Sail Beyond the Sunset

And if you think the cover is racy, just put the book down right now.  Because underneath the cover (heh) is a whirlwind of outrageous sexual exploits beyond your imagination.  Still with me?  Okay.  That having been said, I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but to say that[…]

Scientifically Perfect Chocolate Ice Cream

I whipped up a batch of this (with some help from my boyfriend’s mom) on Thanksgiving morning…could this be a new tradition?  Ice cream instead of turkey?  It’s easier to carve and if you ask me, it’s a lot more delicious! As a bonus, here’s a shot of “helper” dog,[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Troll the Ancient Yuletide Carol

Hello, Nerdy Girlies!  Hope you’re trimming your trees with tiny spaceships and Tetris pieces and jammin’ out to your favourite Christmas tunes!  I can’t wait 1.  White Wine in the Sun – Tim Minchin  is probably the closest to my actual feelings about Christmas.  I’m not particularly religious, not into[…]

#tbt The Gothic Renaissance

Kids say the darnedest things. I’m in my second week working at the school and already I’ve heard some amazing and truly terrifying conversation happening around me.  But perhaps the funniest thing came from one of my students who, upon noticing my predilection for dressing all in black and my[…]