Batgirl #37: Gaga for Banksy

I’m gonna say it, I think Batgirl #37 was the best Burnside Batgirl issue yet!  You know that saying, don’t judge a book by its cover?  That absolutely applies here.  The first few pages are definitely…a little off-putting.  Selfie!  Kawaii!  Poker face!  Erm, yeah, maybe not… 

Not at first, anyway.  Then slowly, subtly, the issue lampoons the “Selfie Generation” by exposing us to a secretive performance artist seriously, how very Brooklyn can you get?  obsessed with Batgirl, then through the ups and downs of fame in the public eye, to branding?  I mean, this Batgirl is on the button of modern life!

Along with this super harrowing image:

We finally get a reference to the Oracle days!  Batgirl purists should be pleased!  Because you’re about to be stuck with more ga-ga hearts:

THE BLUSHIE HEARTS!  Ugh.  Okay, here’s my feeling on the blushie hearts.  This new Batgirl has a sort of anime feel, and anime is very big on showing people’s inner thoughts with doodles and goofy faces, right?  I’ve made peace with the blushie hearts and what they imply:  Batgirl is a little boy-crazy, and I’m totally fine with that.  I would like to see her have an actual romantic storyline down the line, how great would that be!  I would love to see Batgirl Babs of Burnside on a date.  I’m totally warming up to this “new” character.  I just hope they continue to add interesting dimensions to her as the issues wear on.

SO.  Three issues in Burnside down, and I’m a fan.  I think I officially like this new take on Batgirl, look forward to seeing more topical cultural references in her issues, and want to see more “Brooklyn” emerge through Babs’ eyes.


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