#tbt The Gothic Renaissance

Kids say the darnedest things.

I’m in my second week working at the school and already I’ve heard some amazing and truly terrifying conversation happening around me.  But perhaps the funniest thing came from one of my students who, upon noticing my predilection for dressing all in black and my fondness for skulls, recently asked me:  “Are you a gothic?”

It did call to mind my tenth-grade English teacher who asked me if I was a goth when I dyed my hair dark reddish-black – accidentally! – holla at me, home hairdressers.  You know how unpredictable boxed hair dye can be.

Nevertheless, my gothic nature may just be a recurring theme:  check out this super cool mirror selfie from autumn 2010:

Oh my god would you look at that baby and her itty-bitty tattoos?  How ’bout that bullet choker?  Hey!  Nice home-hair-layers!

What about THIS mirror selfie from summer 2013??

Bigger tats…bigger hair…bigger goth.  I seem to just be growing into my goth groove as I get older…like a fine gothic wine, or smelly gothic cheese.  One thing’s not changed though:  still doin’ my hair at home, and still getting misunderstood.  Sigh.  Ya feel me, Morrissey???


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