Thanksgiving Recap!

I am way late in the game talking about my Thanksgiving adventures but here we go – I went upstate to spend the big day with my boyfriend’s parents, then dragged him down to Binghamton to meet my parents…and drink a ton of Scotch.

Oh, to be fair, we didn’t just drink Scotch!  I drank wine.  Ha!  And we learned all about Rugby, played cards and dominoes, made ice cream, played with puppies, introduced my BF to hibachi dining (Kampai WHAT UP) and saw all the local Binghamton sites like The Roberson Museum and Science Center, with their famous Christmas tree display!

They also have a historic mansion, Retro toys exhibit (those robots I DIE) and a collection of awesome random coolness liiiiiike…

This Dali is called “l’Escargot” – and there’s two snail afficionadoes reflected in the glass, can you see us?
This is my sweetie pie!  My Ashton and his Boo-Boo Bear!  Always good to see my sweet puppy dear.
On the drive back to New York, we stopped in the town of Delaware Water Gap in Pennsylvania (which I learned means “Penn’s Woods” which is adorable).  Speaking of adorable, Ashton!  Also, the whole town was absolutely lovely.  Antiques market, olde time ice cream parlour – to say nothing of the gluten-free Haitian restaurant we ate at with these awesome carver chairs!

So that was my Thanksgiving…I’m so thankful for what a sweet time it was!


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