5 Fandom Friday: Dear Santa…

Dear Internet Santa:
(or the intern elf in charge of responding to internet wishlists)

Because you know I live in an apartment, and have no way of storing fun gifts, please just bring me gift cards this year.  I take full responsibility for seeing that I don’t accidentally try to swipe them like a MetroCard.  I realize it may be gauche to ask for gift cards but seriously.  Greyhound bus.  Seriously.  And so…

1.  Target
  is where I get all my socks from!  See, I could ask for socks…but then I’d have to transport all those socks via the aforementioned bus.  NOTE:  I will never NOT want socks.  But a gift card is like socks…only flatter.

2.  Bath & Body Works  home of the amazing scented candles!  But you know what’s hard to bring home on the bus?  Amazing scented candles. 

3.  Amazon  is my source for books…you know…heavy, heavy books.  Save yourself the trouble of shipping the books from the North Pole, and just let Amazon do that for you!  Go ahead – give me an excuse to clean out my Amazon wishlist!

4.  Sephora  because sometimes a gal like to feel pretty, ya’know?  And sometimes a girl likes to go in and smell perfume samples and draw all over her wrist with eyeliner pencil for HOURS and Santa, you want no part of that experience.

5.  H&M  owns my liiiiife.  Getting out of H&M without losing a fortune is insane.  The lines to try on clothes ALONE are maddening!  Send me a gift card, and you’ll never have to know about the hours I spend preening and posing in the fitting room mirrors.  That little secret stays between me and my best friend who gets all the dressing-room photo texts “does this dress work?”

I know you’re busy and overburdened around the holidays, so I appreciate you swinging by my blog!  I, er, promise to be better next year.

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8 responses to “5 Fandom Friday: Dear Santa…”

    • Oh no, really? I have a gift card for The Gap that I got three years ago and am still hanging onto it…I checked the balance a few months ago and it said it was still valid…I just have to pull the trigger on something! I like having a Gap card there to use in case of emergency…it's the "Hope" in the Pandora's Box of my wallet. I like knowing that it's always there!

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