Supers Really Aren’t

Any minute now, the super of my building is going to ring the doorbell and find me in full makeup and pajamas, watching My Little Pony, waiting for him to come and fix three separate issues in the less than two hours before I have to leave for work. I[…]

Do The Right Thing

I think I have a bit of a “Hero Complex.” Last week at work, near closing time, a young teenaged girl approached me with wet eyelashes and red nose, asking if anyone had turned in a white iPhone.  Instead of just telling her “no, none such phone has been turned[…]

Business in the Front, Potty in the Back

I think it’s time for some potty humor, don’t you? So I’m in the Time Warner Building.  I’m in the restroom.  Early morning.  Which I know from experience is where fancy businesspeople come to do their, uh, pre-business business. This lady walks into the stall next to me an her[…]

My Ugly Truth

Beauty = constant perfection (?) A man at work joked about that “awkward situation” when you wake up next to a girl you’ve brought home from a club and “her makeup is off and she don’t look right.” I was stunned into action. “I am that girl.” He stopped, and[…]

A Peek At… MoMA

MoMA will blow your mind.  Go on a Friday after 4:00.  It’s crowded but free and you will NOT believe the crazyfamous art that you will see like this one and this one and this one But don’t bring your pet cat, because pet cats ruin everything.  Especially furniture.  See?[…]

Facebook: Doin’ It Wrong, Part Two

Source: via Lois on Pinterest I love Facebook, you love Facebook, we all love Facebook.  But I think we can agree that it can use some improvements.  And no, Zuckerberg, we are not (with all due respect) asking for another news ticker on the right-hand margin.  Thanks, and no.[…]

Open Letter / Plea to Instagram Users

Hi guys. I’ve happily been one of you for over a year now.  In fact, the main reason for finally obtaining an iPhone when I did was so I could join the Instagram craze.  I’ve been known to say “Instagram that shit!”  And other snappy phrases such as, “I’m gonna[…]

Winter Block Party

Hey Inconsiderate Neighbor! Do you LOVE block parties?  The late hours?  The screaming?  The repetitive dance music with thumping base line?  You must hate the fact that it’s winter, and too cold for block parties, huh? Well, NOT ANYMORE!  Because I have a solution for you! Instead of standing in[…]

Seen Around the City

A beautiful example of constructive graffiti. A sweet plea for companionship And the reason why GrubHub will always have my business(besides being cheap, easy, and efficient).

Fighting Illness

Source: via Dina on Pinterest You know all my bragging about never getting sick?  Well, hubris is a bitch.  Because I got sick.  And when I got sick, I became a self-indulgent baby. First of all, classic Doctor Who is available on Netflix (see above)!  If Tom Baker can[…]

Holy Bible, Batman!

*ding dong* I’m not expecting company… “[mumble mumble] Diaz?” a strong, authoritative man’s voice on the other side of the door. Uh oh.  Is someone in trouble?  Someone named “Diaz”?  They have the wrong person!  I don’t want anyone knocking my door down! I do a quick check in the[…]

For the Love of Walking

Ask me what I do and I will tell you I am a tour guide, and I love working at a candy store, and I keep up a blog. Ask me about my hobbies and I’ll tell you:  I walk. Walking is not just a means of getting somewhere to[…]


February is such a “blah” month.  The holiday-a-month excitement is now firmly behind us, while weeks and maybe even months of chilly grey skies yawn ahead on the horizon.  Firmly feeling the “blah”s, I took it into my initiative to take a mini “vacation” last Thursday! Most important in a[…]

Not Okay, Cupid. Not Okay.

Seeing as how it is Valentine’s Day, most of you are enjoying romantic dates with your cherished significant others. I, being insignificant, am single.  And as such, I thought I would take this opportunity to regale you with some horror stories from the single side of life. Source: via[…]

Currently…in February 2013

Loving:  The “warmer” weather!  I only wore ONE pair of leggings under my pants today.  And three shirts.  But it smelled like spring! Music:  Portishead Portishead Portishead. And this: Reading:  Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion Wanting: Everything at Bath & Body Works in the Aromatherapy Orange Ginger collection.  I got[…]

I WILL Grow Up…And So Should You

Wait.  Hold up. When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to grow up.  No more bedtimes, no more bullies, no more bullshit. And then I grew up. And guess what. No more bedtimes, no more bullies, no more bullshit. Being an adult is vastly superior to being a kid. […]

Thanks for the Consideration, MTA

Apparently, according to the MTA, the biggest problem facing New Yorkers is NOT the rising costs, the decrease in service, the unpredictability of the trains, higher cost and less service.  It’s people getting hit by trains. People.  Getting hit.  By trains. Something that usually only happens of one’s own volition,[…]

Valentine’s Day is Coming Up and That Means…

…Oh don’t look at me so coyly.  Even the weekly Target ad had a two-page spread of lingerie.  Roses, candles, chocolates…and on top of that, it’s cold outside.  Need to generate heat somehow and hey, here’s an idea, turn up this playlist to block out the neighbor’s repetitive playing of[…]

For the Love of Eyeliner

…and I usually wear even more than this on a daily basis. So, clearly, I love eyeliner.  And lately, perhaps too much!  I’ve been double-lining my eyes – two colours at once!  Sure, the compliments I get are nice, and I would never reveal that secret for profit (or would[…]

My First Kiss

  Since it’s February, blah blah blah Valentine’s Day, blah blah blah getting mushy all over the blogiverse, I thought it was only appropriate to share this memory during this month The year is 2002.  I am a flat-chested, acne-ridden, brace-faced senior in high school.  So basically, not much has[…]