For the Love of Eyeliner

…and I usually wear even more than this on a daily basis.

So, clearly, I love eyeliner.  And lately, perhaps too much!  I’ve been double-lining my eyes – two colours at once!  Sure, the compliments I get are nice, and I would never reveal that secret for profit (or would I?) and each of my eyeliners is super special and important in its own way.  I would never dream of leaving the house without eyeliner…mainly because when I do, people assume that I’m sick.  It’s true.  The last few times I’ve tried, I’ve been asked if I’m feeling well.  Harumph. 

But ever since my cousin tipped me off to this brand, you can’t get me to part with it.  Literally.  I keep the tiny stubs of my two favourite colours in my purse with me at all times, in case of an emergency.  Like a massive tidal wave striking the island of Manhattan, sweeping me underwater and washing off my eyeliner.  Y’know, it could happen.  But I would be prepared.

So while you may catch me out and about virtually sans fards, you will never see me without eyeliner.  That’s where “eye” draw the line.

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