February is such a “blah” month.  The holiday-a-month excitement is now firmly behind us, while weeks and maybe even months of chilly grey skies yawn ahead on the horizon.  Firmly feeling the “blah”s, I took it into my initiative to take a mini “vacation” last Thursday!

Most important in a vacation is that one doesn’t give a mind to their messy appearance.

Please note here the messy hair, and the facial expression indicating that I just don’t care.

My vacation was by rail…er, subway rail:

One also does not pay too much heed to the train they take.  At one of my transfers, I accidentally boarded a Q train when I was meant for an R.  Consider it a slight “layover” in Astoria.

Finally, I arrived at my tropical destination:  the candle aisle at the basement-level Bath & Body Works in the Queens Center Mall:

Leaving my tropical paradise with a few souveniers, I headed into “town” to wander the local streets and got a bit lost.  Actually, the Yelp app on my phone sent me to a place that no longer existed.  So basically, I enjoyed being a tourist.

I did see this awesome block full of “tiny houses,” though!

And as a tourist, I was obligated to take a photo of this lovely local monument:

So that was my day of vacation, or day-cation!
Just “imagine” the ones I can have when the weather warms up!

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  1. 145 & Broadway is my subway stop! woot! I love day-cations. Glad you enjoyed yours- the tiny houses are my favorite part.

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