Currently…in February 2013

Loving:  The “warmer” weather!  I only wore ONE pair of leggings under my pants today.  And three shirts.  But it smelled like spring!

Music:  Portishead Portishead Portishead.

And this:

Reading:  Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Everything at Bath & Body Works in the Aromatherapy Orange Ginger collection.  I got this scrub and am so addicted to the smell that I’m afraid I may be overusing it and will accidentally buff my fingerprints right off.  It’s tangy and exotic.

Day Dreamimg:
Warm spring weather and blossoms on the trees…even if they do make me sneeze.

Looking Forward To:
Taking a few small trips out of town to visit family.  It occurred to me that the last time I  saw my dad was a few weeks before my most recent birthday.  IN JULY.  I kinda feel like I’m in a little bit of a rut (a lovely rut, don’t get me wrong!) and could use a change of scenery.


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